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29 Apr , 2016  

Before getting right into the work of SAD ASIAN GIRLS CLUB and some of the ideas and politics behind what SAGC produces, could you tell us a little bit about how you all came together and started this project? Has SAGC kept (relatively) the same members since it was first ...

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25 Apr , 2016  

§3 We all know the popular argument about anthropology being a perverse theater where the Other is always ‚represented‘ or ‚invented‘ according to the sordid interests of the West. Nothing can camouflage the paternalism of this thesis, as it simply refocuses the conversation back on Westerners too anxious to talk ...

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A Short Introduction to the Politics of Cruelty

27 Mrz , 2016  

This is a brief excerpt from the introduction to Hostis Issue 1. A PDF of the full issue can be found here THE PROBLEM with the social is not that it fails at its intended goals. There is no use in disputing the advances in education, science, or medicine brought ...

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Die Politik der Grausamkeit

8 Dez , 2015  

I). Die Politik, die uns anleitet, ist nicht ethisch, sondern grausam. Wir setzen der Politik der Ethik die Politik der Grausamkeit entgegen. Die Ethik geht ganz auf die Griechen zurück, deren Ethik das Studium des »guten Lebens« beinhaltete. Unsere Interessen liegen überhaupt nicht darin, besser als unsere Feinde zu sein. ...

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