Black Box, Black Bloc (English/German)

25 Apr , 2017  

The new mantra is: we have no demands. We don’t want political representation. We don’t want collective bargaining. We don’t want a seat at the table. We want to leave be, to leave being . We have no demands. Das neue Mantra lautet: Wir haben keine Forderungen. Wir streben keine ...

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The Recuperation of Authentic Outrage

16 Feb , 2017  

  The victory of the Trump campaign, and the catapultic rise of the alt-right movement from the shadows of the internet into the mainstream political paradigm, has stimulated a mobilization of opposition, and an immediate call to action. However, the specter of performative activism and pseudo-outrage continues to blur the ...

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Back in Black

10 Feb , 2017  

… Second, there’s the challenge of formalizing the link between the black bloc and other struggles. To be effective, the black bloc requires a certain degree of autonomy, especially given the legal risks of confrontation. On the other hand, if the bloc is to amplify movements, rather than work at ...

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