Politics is Nothing But the Reign of Feints and Shenanigans

21 Apr , 2017  

An interview with Julien Coupat and Mathieu Burnel Le Monde | April 20, 2017.  Translated by Ill Will Editions.  Editor’s note:   The trial of Julien Coupat and Mathieu Burnel, known as the “Tarnac affair”, has dragged-on for over eight years now. On the 10th of January, the Court of Appeals ...

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EconoFiction, NonPolitics

Dead Generations

28 Feb , 2017  

… As growth rates dwindle, the country seems nonetheless driven ahead by an undead, mechanical momentum. Workers are laid off with nowhere to return. Ruralites give uptheir land in exchange for a fraction of the condos built on them, soon losing their value to an inflating currency. Entire landscapes are ...

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10 Preliminary Theses On Resistance

31 Jan , 2017  

1. Resistance against Trump will first become manifest in radical acts of negation. Sabotage this. Slow down that. Undermine a process. Raise questions. Draw lines. Flood systems. Destroy records. Overwhelm institutions. Withdraw your consent. Waste their time. Blockade everything. As Trump tears down the world around him in order to ...

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«Ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ πια ειναι ασυμβατος με τις θεσεις και τις αρχες μου»

18 Dez , 2016  

αφνιασμένος δυσάρεστα, κυρίως από την αγριότητα του λόγου πολλών, για τον ορισμό του στη θέση του προέδρου του Φεστιβάλ Αθηνών δηλώνει ο Γιάννης Μηλιός. «Είναι σημάδι των καιρών, είναι η οργή ανθρώπων που αισθάνονται ότι προδόθηκαν με τον πιο βάναυσο τρόπο από τον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ και την κυβέρνηση. Ομως εγώ δεν ...

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Communist Measures: thinking a Communist Horizon

21 Feb , 2016  

Communisation is not a prophecy. It is not the declaration of some future or other. Communisation is nothing but a certain perspective on the class struggles taking place right now. The task is to conceive, starting from those struggles but proceeding beyond their limits and their contradictions, what a communist ...



China and the coming crisis

26 Okt , 2015  

Several leading mainstream economic institutions are warning of the risk of the coming global economic crisis. On 8 September, the Citi Group published a research report, “Is China Leading the World into Recession?”, written by Willem Buiter, Citi’s chief economist. The report warns that “a global recession starting in 2016, ...

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