Acceleration, Revolution and Money in Deleuze and Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus

The essay moves from the conceptual place where the „philosophical plane faces the chaos“ (Deleuze-Guattari/1991).  From a deep distance trapped in the past and the discretion of the dawn, a different thought and a different culture (re)emerge. The book presents a new Deleuze, more accelerationist than Srnicek and Williams, more Antichristic than Nietzsche, more punk than the Sex Pistols, more esoteric than Bataille and more conspirator than Klossowski. Obsolete Capitalism sees Deleuze and Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus as the dynamite-book able to found a new revolutionary gnosis.


pdf here:acceleration-revolution-and-money-in-deleuze-and-guattaris-anti-oedipus

Foto: Bernhard Weber

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