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Ecuador: Kurze Analyse des paquetazo und der kommenden Proteste

13 Okt , 2019  

Der folgende Text ist die Übersetzung eines Flugblatts, das auf der Homepage von Proletarios revolucionarios veröffentlicht worden ist. Proletarios revolucionarios war eine kommunistische Gruppe aus Quito, die sich 2016 aufgelöst hat. Mangels Spanischkenntnissen ist der Text aus dem Englischen übersetzt worden. Mehr Infos zum Kontext der Proteste gibt’s in diesem ...

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From Exarcheia to Rojava – war to the war!

12 Okt , 2019  

Communiqué of the refugee housing squat NOTARA 26 on the invasion of Turkish state backed up by its NATO partners to Northern Syria aka Democratic Federation of Rojava.

dignity – autonomy – solidarity

These are values we’re struggling for everywhere and everyday. Most of the times it seems that we ...

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Was bleibt von der Welt am Ende des Monats?

26 Sep , 2019  

Wir dokumentieren hier ein Flugblatt zur Klimakrise, das in Leipzig und Berlin verteilt wurde und weiter verbreitet werden sollte. Hier auch als PDF zum download.

Angesichts zunehmender Hitze und Waldbränden, steigender Meeresspiegel und Artensterben ist es beinahe unmöglich geworden, die Augen vor der ökologischen Krise zu verschließen. Die Zeit, ...

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How to take back our streets: lessons from 10 months of resistance in France

17 Sep , 2019  

This is a translation of the article ‘Comment reprendre nos rues‘ from the Cerveaux Non Disponibles website. They can be followed on Twitter via @CerveauxNon

Over ten months, the Gilets Jaunes movement has managed again and again to surprise: to surprise the authorities, the police, the media, public opinion. And ...

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Athen/Exarchia: Über die Demo vom 14.9. und ihre Interpretation in den sozialen Medien

16 Sep , 2019  

Am Samstag, 14. September demonstrierten mehrere Tausend Menschen im Zentrum Athens gegen die jüngsten Räumungen von Squats und den staatlichen Terror im Stadtteil Exarchia. Dazu aufgerufen hatte zunächst das Bündnis NO PASARAN, andere Gruppen folgten in den letzten Tagen mit eigenen Aufrufen. Die Demonstration an sich kann als Erfolg bewertet ...

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Protests in HK: a talk with the ‘Workers Group’

14 Sep , 2019  

The following interview was made over internet during the month of August. Comrades from different countries – some Bad Kids of the World – made questions about the anti-extradition movement to the Workers Group, a proletarian collective based in Hong Kong. We want to understand how the mass protests ...

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#Exarcheia: Solidarity to squats and all spaces of struggle- Assembly Announcement

30 Aug , 2019  

The state and capital always attack the freedom of the social base, steal its labor and resources. In recent years we have experienced one of the most violent attacks through the massive impoverishment of people who are already oppressed and exploited.

Originally published by Void Network.

On the other hand, there has been widespread ...

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Greek State Begins Evictions of Anarchist and Refugee Squats in #Exarcheia

28 Aug , 2019  

Athens. Greek territory. The first major repressive attack against Exarcheia by the far-right wing New Democracy Party began on the morning of August 26, as police arrested 143 people from four different anarchist and refugee squats. The following are English translations of statements by the German-language website The Hydra World ...

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What the new IPCC report says about climate change and land

10 Aug , 2019  

The following summary of the report’s key findings was prepared by Daisy Dunne, Josh Gabbatiss, and Robert Mcsweeney, and published by Carbon Brief under a Creative Commons license.

Questions addressed in this summary:

Why did the IPCC produce this report?
What is land degradation?
How does climate change affect land ...

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Protest turns to riot against the release of the murdering cop of 15 years old #AlexisGrigoropoulos

6 Aug , 2019  

Originally published by Perseus999

No Justice, No Peace” was the absolute essence of the protest -that few hours later turned into a fierce riot- on Wednesday 31 July 2019 at Exarchia in Athens, following the news on the previous day that E. Korkoneas, the policeman who shot and murdered 15 ...

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Looking back-forward at the #GiletsJaunes: A taking stock

4 Aug , 2019  

Originally published by Autonomies.

We begin with a critical appraisal of the movement from the Temps Critiques collective, followed by a more apologetic note, and in turn a response from the collective.

Without wishing, or being able to close the issue, it can be said that what separates the two ...