Post by: Laura Lotti


Financialization as a Medium: Speculative Notes on Post-Blockchain Art

24 Jan , 2018  

With the changing funding paradigm for the arts in neoliberal economies, which is increasingly a prerogative of private institutions and corporations, the relation between art and Finance has acquired growing prominence within art discourses and practices. Beginning in the 1960s when the first large professional investors entered the realm of

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Fundamentals of Algorithmic Markets: Liquidity, Contingency, and the Incomputability of Exchange

16 Jul , 2017  

Since the mid-2000s, financial markets have been subjected to an unprecedented critical scrutiny, particularly in light of ‘black swan events’ such as the supposedly unpredictable Global Financial Crisis, and algorithmic ‘accidents’ such as the Flash Crash of May 2010. Yet while the complexity of derivatives instruments and the rise of

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