Auto automata: a commentary drift1

*halo effect: …every day our society seems to be getting deeper and deeper into anomie and further away from autonomywe tried to look at the situation in society and culture and look for signs towards a possible way out of the molar we are forced into, towards autonomy – personal or any other1. As an endeavor premise, quoted to emphasize the chronic tendency for obvious statements and the resulting is:

*halo-delirium:idealism rises upon the cruelty that grows under it, tautological figure of the human centipede2. Cynicism at work, that isolates enchantment in boredom and envy, creates a single framework in the context of the previous premises, although the theme seeks to eradicate the thematic. Navigating the usual paths of the current state or derivation of a given one is merely an ironic potential for a sociological cultural hack through obvious expressive fluxes whose character is a common denominator in the absence of a form of corruptibility in which there are no functions that are not just a thing of the self-sustaining or that of sustainability, that is, of the constituent elements of that denominator, the values beyond the program and programming. Layering cuts are reflexive complexes, chess by mapping the zones of interest and position. Politics of culture as a distortion of disparity and its medialization of the germ- something possible, extraordinarily unexpected –actualization and its articulation are means by which to uphold is to enable a development shift, a compulsion for the acrobatics in the gap; into the cliffs of reason, unwritten interpersonal rules of psychologizing, lobbying and that of implacable, rules with the right for their tangibility of procedures and formalism. The cordial (collective, constituent) body leads to the projection of projectiles; the plastic grip of the toy gun retains its phantom shape-image. Thus, hypostasis is here3, by the (self) referential insistence on the re-articulation of the premises; project-based orientation. Because every job is a task and a job (as commodity), to paraphrase the theme:

*mirroring effect: interventions in the informational organization of the current (life of culture), necessary inflicting their own and additionally new types of affirmation (witnessing, arbitrating) of that sufficient and unquestionably certain state, they are by no means displaced, though they go through different processes, problematizing, on the polygon of consciousness as a rudiment for the perceptual and cognitive applicability, match points of the social pattern relations. Displaced perspective points, beyond their equilibrium, focused on conscious mechanics they could navigate through ontological horizons beyond experience (as primates, total recall) so as to avoid inertial rotation back to the psychologizing of politicization, supremely hypocritical ideological skimming, engaged in activism ((self-)-maintenance) and initiation of the rat race loops.

Sites within intersubjective and interpersonal relationships in the node of sociological orbits are the sources and base for imposing or installing a platform sliding paradigm for destabilization of the slipping disjunctive symptom- quagmire plot, crescendo of politics of cultures, extremely acute fatigue determined by subjected themes of everyday cultural-gross.

[*] conceptualist trajectories (inaugurated) complicated (remit) suggesting (meaning) how (content) extraneous (present):

meaning– artwork, object, view, intention, interpretation (culture/institutions), medium, challenge, idea (worlds) transformed (into) information (of a film) operation; designed complexities; human visual processing (eye), work, memory, preference, physical; produce (stimuli) camera, (privilege) reproduction corporate (objectives), consumer (inflected) development imaging technical (imbrication) aesthetic– semantic (models), presenting alternative (information based model) synthesizes, intervenes in multiple (levels); cognition (senses), passive (receptors) form (color); indexical (view), influenced reinterpreted (semantic/cultural) practices articulate distinct, explicit (framing), system (capture) development (perceptual), technological levels (new) capacities, (critical) questions (common) threads (deeply) considered; (authors) explain (whole) themselves; (thought) conjunction, (broader) discursive (environment) event; (consider) dialogue, concrete (issues), particular (kind of) in-human technology […]

Infusion and effusion of the mold: eco-prospectus for general terms; a lexicon – generator; approaching analysis; the study of culture, cultural activism, daily political, losses and reckoning, the action and speech… statistical processing, potentially programming language; outside the program variable. Such proposal is possibly abusive; as the visor and tincture of the phenomenon of cultural pretense, that is, braking and re-capitulation, mise en abyme of symptom=syndrome envision. Prismatic, brushed speculatively dynamic position of sliding platforms. Being present as an imperative of registering, being evident, well-wandering, insufficient criticism: meta- sarcastic- onto- pseudo- pata- criticism… an isolated case, one without a voice and one with all out loud. Positioning is figuring on scores, matrices and patterns; blueprints for one autonomy and the other. Played on experience, repositioning is in fact an inevitability that is performed, it imposes strategies and tactics as grounds for a political-identity complex. The intention through the clamps shared here by wild ramifications. Meanders, ditches, are spaces of psychological thriller and how (without it) ethical cavity, girth, here it is, streams of passion and hidden treasures / nothing of ecologies.

The University is significantly abstracted, the academy infuses the figure of worm and the abyss of the imaginary up and down of schooling. The epicenter of viral parasitism, redefinition and recalibration: loses the bonds and constitutions of our relations to the laws of thought. A tectonic dichotomy of coexisting paradoxical modalities along multiple escape lines ensued; therefore sand into the head is a rejection of the chronological.

Every worker in culture is spectral. His rumors are devastating customer service and people. Cultivation engaging breaks down a technique that destroys the typologies of modernist historicity as well as its land, so that its worms — the monsoons of academicism — do mot pierce our delusions of the imaginary bubble. The delusional of the membrane is like a homeless man that does not wash his wasted coat; so we’re talking about climate conditions, and climates are cultural differences, they could be gaseous, depending the level, but as we open our eyes, a lot of it has already been retro-grazed. Mother-culture has been robbed, thieves have already sold it, only workers sell their souls to get closer to despotic of their state-giving body, they love it, they love the body corpus, environment of culture and anti-heritage is also some Body. Culture is all masks and scissors, not nature in the style of a joke; says Šalamun4, even if he never did.

Our unemployed, if there are any, do not actually have to work to survive. They can tightly spit on, enjoy hysteria, masochism or whatsoever exhausts them or succeeds them. Hanging on places of establishment, every now and then, one sees something successful and actual as own deficit spot that becomes a stepping mine, stepped on!

In archaic factories, the slang, they enjoy it. They enjoy the organic-mechanical construction of culture; their physical configuration conditioned by them is the wheel that as a military machine rolls on the legal industry; they enjoyed decomposition of their bodies through derelict de-realization; personality morphing with the sinusoids of its cult currents; identity shapeshifting via complicity constructed for their enjoyment and familial dissolution. The villages are cultural as well, but they only enjoy the new, new monstrous anonymity of the suburbs, which include pubs in the morning and at nights, bars in the spring. Such is the type of local distribution, the levels of multiplication of avatars that carry the vision of the terminator, which is here the exterminator internalized under high mediocrity temperature, melts its steel constitution into a highly aestheticized fluid, swelling alloy which we may call:

libidinal gland and word valley.5

Darko Vukić

1From MANEK’s introductory text.

2The critic of the art world by Reza Negarestani.

3As here in the text and here of the text, here of the locality (local contexts) as shifting temporal density.

4Tomaž Šalamun (1941-2014), Slovenian poet, was a leading figure of postwar neo-avant-garde poetry in Central Europe.

5from the anomic toward autonomic culture to the autonomy of the anomie and vice versa.

Foto: Bernhard Weber

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