blend & bleed

If a game is pervasive, it is said to blur the boundaries between itself and the real world, therefore blending with it (Montola, Stenros & Waern 2009). In Live Action Role Playing (LARP) terminology, the word “bleed” represents a gray zone somewhere between fiction and reality, where the border between player and character becomes transparent (Omsk Social Club, 2019). This relates to the theoretical concept of trans-reality, referring to experiences whereby a player moves seamlessly through various physical and virtual realms, brought together in one unified game space (Lindley, 2004). The blending of realities, worlds and disciplines will be the focus of the online Symposium

Transdisciplinary experiments with Interactive performance

Hosted by the Inter-Actions research unit of LUCA School of the Arts, it conjures new synergies between the fields of Artistic Research, LARP, Performance, Game and Interaction Design and, above all, their crossovers. It promotes a critical dialogue, through assessment of existing methods, technologies and concerns, especially around notions of physical presence or distance.

Virtual encounters can not replace each other’s presence and yet immediacy is redefined if the physical distance bridged is insurmountable. Confirmed guests:

Simon Asencio
Francis Patrick Brady
Reed Berkowitz

Omsk Social Club
Brody Condon
Carina Erdmann

Nina Essendrop
The Interactions
Dorota Gawęda
Egle Kulbokaite

Rilla Khaled
Nick Koppenhagen
Martina Leeker

Isabel Lewis
Susan Ploetz
Rebecca Rouse
Ju Row-Farr

Hito Steyerl
Rozan van Klaveren

Carl von Winckelmann
McKenzie Wark

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