Call for Protest

Days of anger, shame, grief, guilt … Α bleak variety of feelings for conscious andthoughtful people of Lesvos.

The attack of the State for the requisition of an area in order to create a detention center appears to be only the fancy beginning of a series of events on the island.

Throughout all the stages of the fight against the creation of detention centers, we did not have any illusion of common front with certain groups, local leaders and regional authorities who coordinated and organized the self-defined as “indignant citizens” of the island on the dark, violent attack that followed. An attack of locals pushing away a boat with children was followed by hate roadblocks and assault paramilitary squads. Those groups broadened their target to include migrant and refugees, solidaires and workers in NGOs under the tolerance and support of the police, port-police, military, local and regional authorities. Such attacks are clearly paving the way for the neo-Nazi threat.

All these have NO place in Lesvos, though. In Lesvos refugees/migrants and locals fight together for a life with dignity. In Lesvos, Greece and Europe we fight against the wars causing the refugee convoys.

In Lesvos, Greece, Europe we resist against the detention centers for those seeking a better life.

This is a call for solidarity groups, collectives and individuals from Greece and Europe to

  • declare with us the opposition against the growth of fascism in the local community and send fascists and neo-Nazis back to their holes
  • bring our voices together in favor of open borders, free movement and against human trafficking.

  • In Lesvos, Greece and Europe WE ARE NOT ALONE!


  • SATURDAY 14th MARCH, 11.00, Sapfous Square, Mytilene


  • Against Detention Centers
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