This text includes a presentation of TETRALOGOS, the new (2019) book by François Laruelle, followed by an examination of his formula for a «general science fiction» and a proposal to make this formula more generic.


some general considerations regarding the amplitude and inventiveness of Laruelle’s research program. (2) static presentation of the book, its structure, content, and themes. (3) dynamic presentation of the book, its movements and forces, its conceptual drama, and its relationship with some defining features of the genre of science fiction. In (4) we examine the three criteria for a general or non-standard science fiction that Laruelle proposes, amounting to a formula for the re-foundation of the genre of science fiction. (5) We test his hypotheses by examining some potentially falsifying examples of SF. (6) contains a proposition for an extended formula for a general or non-standard SF. In (7) we conclude with the concept of an inventive farewell to the philosophers who have been our educators.The key word for this new book by Laruelle is «amplitude», which describes the aim of thebook to englobe the whole of human experience, its sites and its stages, freed from the confines of philosophy, reaching from the Earth to the Universe, from the Cavern to the Stars, and from Birth to Messianity. To attain this goal he must make philosophy far more inventive than it has become. These two words also describe the underlying values of science fiction.

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Foto: Stefan Paulus

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