Biopolitics, Necropolitics



3 Mai , 2018  

… The nomad is the name of themigrant expelled from the territory, the barbarian is the name of the migrant expelled from political status or citizenship, the vagabond is the name of the migrant expelled from the juridical order, and the proletariat is the name of the migrant expelled from the control over the economic process. Each has its moment of historical emergence, and each continues to coexist in the presentand gives us a helpful framework for understanding contemporary migration …

Something similar is still happening today in the West. The stricter the immigration laws, the more migrants are in violation of them; thus, criminal statistics reveal the “need” for harsher laws because of the “increase” in immigration violations. Migrants are a constitutive part of a juridical feedback mechanism that requires for its expansion the legal expulsion of a migrant population. Iam not saying this is the conscious plot of some evil politicians—well, maybe Trump, but I hesitate to call him a politician—it’s structural. It is part of the fundamental kinetic structure of juridical power…


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