New Translation of Félix Guattari’s Seminar “Les Quatres Inconscients 13/01/1981”

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Translated by Taylor Adkins, 4/12/2020

Félix Guattari: I am always under a little pressure from M., who asks as frequently as possible for some examples. On the other hand, my concern would be to try to delve deeper into a certain number of theoretical themes. I will try to combine things: I will start with a whole gamut of categorization that I am proposing for assemblages; then I will read a previously written text, which will be a small introduction; then I will provide some comments on it, and, finally, perhaps come up with other examples.

Based on the four dimensions of assemblages (which we merely evoked last time), we could arrive at the perspective of a delimitation of four types of unconscious:

–the subjective unconscious

–the material unconscious

–the territorial unconscious

–the machinic unconscious

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