NON – Ultrablack Resistance

The formal structures of time collapse, regress to mud, and
space is pushed back and forth until it bends to be trampled by the
pulsations of alien music, while the thinking space becomes seasick:
this is the disruption as it can be experienced when ultrablackness
hits you. When the all-consuming, all-absorbing and all-imploding
might of ultrablackness exercises its power of radical, pervasive and
fundamental negation. The one message, the one action, the one
intervention of ultrablackness is taking an axe and ramming it into
the fake common ground or shared table and says: NO.

„The critical step here is the construction of the exclusive opposite.
Underground Resistance say somewhere that disappearance is
our future, and according to Eshun the Black Power of UR should
therefore be invisible, not identifiable, hidden, unrecognizable
and not public.“ (Steinbach & Szepanski 2017: 71;3 translated by
Holger Schulze)

This unidentifiable blackness of the exclusive opposite is
represented by ultrablackness.

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The chapter is taken from the book:

Holger Schulze

Sonic Fiction (published 2020)

published by Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

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