Obsolete Capitalism Sound System :: Chaos Sive Natura. Electric Tree and Electronic Rhizome

The present work does not have a starting point but many starting points, centres of strength and lines of movement that compose it. One of the dynamic points is shown by the title: Chaos Sive Natura. It is a Nietzschean paraphrase of an expression by Spinoza, Deus Sive Natura, God thus Nature, in his main work Ethica more geometrico demonstrata. For Spinoza, Nature is theophanic3: God is immanent to nature. Nietzsche, who considered Spinoza a forerunner4 of his philosophy, radicalizes the formula of equality between nature and deity5 with a more sinister expression, Chaos Sive Natura. Such a variation and removal occurred in 1881 in Sils-Maria in the same period when Nietzsche wrote of himself “I am one of those machines which can explode”6 and at the same time when, crying and singing of joy, he created the concept of Eternal Recurrence. The development of the concept that lies in Chaos sive Natura is unexpectedly not present in books like The Gay Science or in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, respectively published in 1882 and 1883. We find it instead in an unpublished notebook about the preparatory and narrative development of the concept of Eternal Recurrence. The notebook is known as M-III-1 and it was written in the summer of the year 1881, later collected in Colli & Montinari Italian edition of Unpublished Notes or Posthumous
Fragments as fragment 11 [195] e 11 [ 197 ].7


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