Between Philosophy and Non-Philosophy

20 Sep , 2020  

Rendering Marxism Real and Intelligible 

Marxism may have “lacked” the Real and tied its fate to the history-world. It may have consequently lacked the theory according-to-the-Real of this history-world. These are not just some “observations,” but a new style of theoretical hypotheses. They assume a “program” as much as they ...

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Gosse, PhiloFiction

Notiz zur Langeweile

20 Sep , 2020  

Nietzsche erfindet eine Typologie der Langeweile, in der die Langeweile zunächst ein positives Zeichen für das Leben des Gelehrten ist, während der gewöhnliche Denker vor der Langweile flieht und Zerstreuung mit seiner Teilhabe in den Unterhaltungsmaschinerien sucht, Mode, Musik und Kunst, im Reisen oder im Sportbetrieb, all den Codierungen bzw. ...

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Financialization:Market Discipline or Capital Discipline?

19 Sep , 2020  

John Milios/ Dimitris P. Sotiropoulos

A crucial aspect of nearly all contemporary approaches to imperialism is the idea that the domination of neoliberalism and of the globalized financial sector of the economy produces a predatory version of capitalism, a capitalism that inherently tends towards crisis.

read here ...

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10 Fear Factors: Warum die Krise noch richtig eskalieren könnte

18 Sep , 2020  

taken from Ajour Magazin

Die Welt steuert auf eine wirtschaftliche Krise gigantischen Ausmasses zu, auch wenn das Thema wieder etwas aus der öffentlichen Diskussion verschwunden ist. Was passiert, wenn die staatlichen Stützungsmassnahmen auslaufen? Was bedeutet es eigentlich, wenn Teile der Wirtschaft für mehrere Monate eingefroren werden. Ein Überblick über 10 ...

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Elections, State: Instruments of expropriation.

17 Sep , 2020  


Democracy and its instrument of choice are based on citizens handing over their powers to representatives or delegating them to a professional group that decides on their behalf. This implies a misjudgment, because only because the representatives exist does the represented group exist, which in turn creates its representatives ...

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Commodity, Money and Capital

16 Sep , 2020  

Under the aspect of the juxtaposition of commodity and money, Marx speaks in the first three chapters of Kapital Bd.1 of the commodity as a commodity form. If the development of value itself is addressed here at the same time, he speaks of the value form. In this context, he ...

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The Uprising in Colombia: “An Example of What Is to Come”

15 Sep , 2020  

The streets of several Colombian cities have erupted into conflict in the last two days in response to the brutal police murder of 43-year-old Javier Ordóñez, a lawyer and father of two in Bogotá, the nation’s capital. Ordóñez was peaceably drinking in the street in front of his friends’ apartment ...

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Things Seen

14 Sep , 2020  

taken from Ill Will


First published in Reporterre and Terrestres, September 4th, 2020

We have seen the most elementary liberty of bourgeois constitutions—the freedom to come and go— abolished with the snap of a finger.

We have seen a president claiming to regulate the “ ...

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As Free as Blackness Will Make Them / Interview with Frank B. Wilderson III

13 Sep , 2020  

The following interview was conducted August 20, 2020 by Gerardo Munoz and Ángel Octavio Álvarez Solis on Radio Ibero in Mexico City. Transcribed by Ill Will Editions, with light edits for readability.  * * * * * 

Gerardo Munoz: You say that Afropessimism as a method or critical intervention thematizes ...


Documentation, NonPolitics

Frankreich – Ein Versuch aus der Misere in den Angriff zu kommen

11 Sep , 2020  

Die Gilets Jaunes als Bewegung sind tot. So oft ist das schon behauptet worden, von den politischen Eliten und den politischen Kommentatoren. Barrikaden mitten auf den Champs Elysees, geplünderte Luxusshops und Bullen in panischer Flucht im Steinhagel haben diese Behauptungen immer und immer wieder Lügen gestraft. Die Gilets Jaunes sind ...

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Connegactive-Approaches, to the Production of Vibrational Matter

9 Sep , 2020  

It must be taken into consideration that Earth is an assemblage; in isolation it is in a continuous becoming-toward-death. It is only through a becoming-toward-knowledge in which an entering into unheard expressive territories unveils a tuning-bridge to the plane of duality comprehension. It is necessary that any body in attempt ...

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Stocks Are Up. Wages Are Down. What Does it Mean?

8 Sep , 2020  

If you listen carefully, you can hear Jeff Bezos getting richer. There’s the sound again. Another billion in Bezos’ coffers.

Let’s put some numbers to this sound of money. Since 2017, Bezos’ net worth has grown by about $4 million per hour — roughly 500,000 times the US minimum wage.1 This ...

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