Pataphor in Mechanism Design

By contrast to Spinoza’s One-All, Laruelle’s notion of the One-in-One is a radical immanence (not ineffable, but ‘infinitely effable’), prior to difference and ontology, that determines all qualities in the last instance. By fiat, the One-in-One (A) has no ontology, so it can’t exist in the same ontology as any world C. Moreover, the One-in-One’s determination-in-the-last-instance implies a relation of contiguity (f) between it and any quality B. Unlike with Spinoza, this is NOT a part-whole relationship, and so is non-synecdochal. Here, g is any non-figurative statement made in world C, based on some quality B. In other words, from the viewpoint of vision-in-One, all statements are patonymic. Non-Philosophy can be thought of as a rigorously patonymic form of discourse — perhaps even an n-order patonym.


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Foto: Bernhard Weber

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