Science and Philosophy: A Global Re-Evaluation

Let us take the following axioms which guide us in the description of non-philosophy:

1) Philosophy is the capital within thought, the capital-form of our general relations to the World; it is an autonomous generalized form of socio-economic capital.

2) It is impossible to struggle against this capital in general, in the restricted or broad sense, by means drawn from it (philosophical means or neighboring means to the philosophical: politics, ethics, etc.); it is impossible, in general, to struggle against this capital which is the whole of possible struggle. It is impossible to struggle against philosophy, philosophy being the whole of possible mastery, the Universal Master.

3) However, a science of capital – of philosophy, universal mastery – is possible and this science contains a suspension or a reduction of philosophical mastery, but in no way a mastery of mastery. There is a “politics” – a democracy – immanent to science, the only one which, without entering into struggle with philosophical capital, can suspend and limit the universality of its order.

4) The science of philosophy – of capital within thought – does not treat philosophy like an object, thus again on the philosophical mode (following from what has been said) – but treats it, under the condition of this suspension, like a material, an index and a support for a process of knowledge more universal and more adequate to this a-philosophical or un-objective real that we call the One.

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