Sound of the Abyss

And from here we move yet another step, to a third type of sound. As one of the NASA scientists notes, in order to have enough galaxies in the universe to produce this sound, ‘you’d have to pack them into the universe like sardines […] There wouldn’t be any space left between one galaxy and the next.’ Now, aside from this rather Lovecraftian image of cosmic sardines sonically descending upon the Earth, what is interesting here is the notion of a sound without any point of origin, a non-directional sound. This is different from the Neoplatonic sound (a sound that radiates from a point of origin), and different again from the Kantian sound (a sound that exceeds and eclipses itself). This is the sound of Schopenhauer, a Schopenhauerian sound. This sound does not have an origin to negate, because there is no origin to negate. But it is also not simply a positive sound, a fecund sound that continuously pours itself forth, continuous sound as a gift of the heavens. Rather it is a sound that is, at the same time, pure nothingness, a presence that only asserts its absence.

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