3 Jun , 2020  

Depuis Madison, dans le Wisconsin, le philosophe Frédéric Neyrat nous a transmis ce tour d’horizon de la société américaine au moment de son embrasement. Si dans le rapport de force en cours, nous ne pensons pas qu’il faille espérer quoi que ce soit du parti démocrate, bien au contraire, ce ...

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Covid 19 – Aufstand oder Barbarei

31 Mrz , 2020  

Nein sie sind nicht einfach Zuhause geblieben. Haben die Hände in den Schoss gelegt und ängstlich in sich hinein gehorcht. Weil sie sich das einfach nicht leisten konnten. Weil ihre Kinder was zu essen brauchen. Also haben sie sich an die gute alte Zeit erinnern, als sie dem Staat und ...

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Thoughts to Hanau

20 Feb , 2020  

Yesterday there was a terrorist attack in Hanau, Germany. It seems that the white male terrorist killed 9 persons in 2 Shisha-Bars, later killed his mother and himself. Most of the victims seem to belong to Kurdish communities. The killing was racist.

But parts of German press first pushed racist ...

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Fascism and right Populism

4 Jan , 2020  

In classical fascism, an organization, initially external to the state and strictly hierarchically structured, gained dominance over the state apparatuses through legal seizure of power, only to merge with them in a specific way, thus maintaining the crisis-ridden capitalist system and securing it by force on a new level. Thus, ...

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The capital – from the nihilistic operator to the suicidal fascist

11 Nov , 2019  

Lyotard writes that capital is a pseudo-organism that is not even able to formulate a discourse that establishes its own truth, since it has no metaphysics to explain and justify its existence. The statement made by the Invisible Committee that we live in a world without justification has been true ...

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Mbembe: Nanoracism and narcotherapy

14 Okt , 2019  

For Felix Guattari, even at the beginning of the age of digitized mobility in the 1980s, it seemed crystal clear that large sections of the population, which we now call the global surplus population, would be assigned “a corner on the planet that has become a global factory to which ...

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Old fascism and new right-wing populism

6 Sep , 2019  

In classical fascism, an organization that was at first externally and strictly hierarchically structured for the state gained dominance over the state apparatuses through the legal assumption of power, and then merged with them in a specific way, whereby the capitalist system that had fallen into crisis could be maintained ...

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Micropolitics and Segmentarity

17 Feb , 2019  

We cannot say that one of these three lines is bad and another good, by nature and necessarily. The study of the dangers of each line is the object of pragmatics or schizoanalysis, to the extent that it undertakes not to represent, interpret, or symbolize, but only to make maps ...

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The proletariat of Brazil was defeated by democracy, not dictatorship.

29 Okt , 2018  

taken from edicionesineditos

The far-right has never ascended to political power to then destroy the working-class and halt its revolution. Each time the far-right has come to power it is because the working-class has already been destroyed. By whom? By democracy. By progressivism. By the Left.

If Bolsonaro won the ...

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Life and Prison (Alienocene 3)

24 Okt , 2018  

For Afro-pessimists, the Black subject is exiled from the human relation, which is predicated on social recognition, volition, subjecthood, and the valuation of life itself. Thus Black existence is marked as an ontological absence, posited as sentient object and devoid of any positive relationality, in contradistinction to the human subject’s ...

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7 Sep , 2018  

From Zafer Aracagök’s upcoming book, Non-Conceptual Negativity: Damaged Reflections on Turkey, Punctum Books, Brooklyn, NY.

Although it sounds as if it is a simple echo of the original German fascism, Nano-fascism is a reappropriation of fascism by Turkish Republic which has given birth to an islamo-capitalist-despotic-machine as a result of ...

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Cunning War Machines

9 Mrz , 2018  

A speculative proposition: Deleuze and Guattari’s admonitions of caution in relation to absolute deterritorialization and destratification, as detailed in A Thousand Plateaus, is isomorphic to their historical analysis of the war machine’s capture and subordination of the State and the global geopolitical fallout from this movement.

In the plateau


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