John-Robin Bold “Demonstrations”

2 Okt , 2020  

I talk about the gods, I am an atheist. But I am an artist too, and therefore a liar. Distrust everything I say. I am telling the truth. The only truth I can understand or express is, logically defined, a lie. Psychologically defined, a symbol. Aesthetically defined, a metaphor.” ...

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Connegactive-Approaches, to the Production of Vibrational Matter

9 Sep , 2020  

It must be taken into consideration that Earth is an assemblage; in isolation it is in a continuous becoming-toward-death. It is only through a becoming-toward-knowledge in which an entering into unheard expressive territories unveils a tuning-bridge to the plane of duality comprehension. It is necessary that any body in attempt ...

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Thomas Köner – Motus

6 Feb , 2020  

Thomas Köner – Motus (Mille Plateaux 6: CD, DLP, Digital)

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Release Date: 10.3.2020

” Motus is more (to me) than just music made with analogue synthesizers, it is about attitude, a way of relating to sound and the (e)motion it affects.

A ...

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Jonh-Robin Bold Album on Mille Plateaux out Now

1 Feb , 2020  

MP8 John-Robin Bold (Mille Plateaux)

Where do we find a point of such realization of a social that it is also the point of its collapse? It’s exactly like the stereophonic effect. We are all obsessed – and not only in music – with high fidelity; obsessed with the quality ...

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Mille Plateaux Albums 2020

6 Jan , 2020  

PreSales for Mille Plateaux Albums 2020 on Bandcamp here

MP4 Teruyuki Kurihara. Frozen Dust (digital, vinyl)

“Frozen Dust” is an album unified by the theme of “destruction” and “creation.”

Inspired by the power of nature; we’ve expressed how we humans overcome the magnificent phenomena and impacts nature has on us ...

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How to create with and against Nietzsche a music box for blackness that is no longer a prelude to a deeper – more powerful – perhaps more evil – and more mysterious music, but the music itself: a non-music or a music utopia.

10 Nov , 2019  

A) Nietzsche and the music

Nietzsche’s work Die Geburt der Tragödie deals in depth with music. The book explains that the tragedy originated in the dithyrambos, where lyric poetry was danced and entered into the drama in which music was given the task of tuning the soul into the tragedy ...

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6 Nov , 2019  

For the Automatisme – Alter- album. I am inspired by how the art historian Nicolas Bourriaud is defining the Altermodernism. Bourriaud understands the term “Alter” as a way to mean “other”. The altermodernism would be another modernity that is different from the avant-garde modernism and post-modernism. More precisely, this is ...

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The Messianic Messing-Up – Notes on Gianluca Iadema’s Aphàiresis

30 Okt , 2019  

Prologue: “Something did not work,” a replica of G.S. said, “we do not know why exactly. Some say that the “vessels” could not contain the data and thus were broken. The data were dispersed. Many of them returned to their source; some “sparks” fell downward and ...

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error & imperfection in techno-psychology (review of „Gianluca Iadema – Aphàiresis“)

19 Sep , 2019  

The dimension of the #future has disappeared. We’re trapped in the 20th century… What it means to be in the 21st century is to have 20th century culture on hi-res screens/ distributed by high-speed Internet, actually.”1

The future has been cancelled or to be more exact has always already been ...

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Release on Mille Plateaux out! Gianluca Iadema: Aphàiresis

13 Sep , 2019  

Mille Plateaux MP3

Artist: Gianluca Iadema

Title: Aphàiresis

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Futuro anteriore/Presente continuo”

Author: Gianluca Iadema

Aphàiresis is a series of video music works that investigates the relationship between Materiality and Immateriality, between Presence and Metaphysics.

It is from the fruitful relationship between Materiality – Imperfection ...

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Tanz den Tanz (Ultrablack of Music 7)

26 Dez , 2018  

»Eine Politik der Prekarität […] wird sich vom Zentrum weg bewegen müssen, niedrig fliegen und alle ihre Kräfte lateral sammeln müssen, um die zusammenfallenden Rhythmen von Tanz und Finanz zu animieren« (Martin 2015: 212). Vermutlich gibt es, wie Randy Martin ausgeführt hat, einige paradoxe Analogien von Tanz und Finanz aufzuzählen; ...

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Rhythmächte (Ultrablack of Music 5)

16 Dez , 2018  

Die sich auf den französischen Philosophen François Laruelle beziehende Nicht-Musikologie benutzt die klassische Musikwissenschaft und die existierende Musik allenfalls als Material. Und auch die Nicht-Musiker beginnen damit, die Diskurse der Wissenschaft und die Musik auf reines Material zu reduzieren, um in der Interaktion mit dem Hören-im-Rhythmus neue pulsierende Rhythmusmächte zu ...

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