Homo ex Machina – How One Becomes Machine-Man

9 Feb , 2018  

We ordinarily recognize a single machine-Man1 tradition. But there are two, perhaps three; they appear the moment when the grouping of the objects of knowledge and history of ideas to which philosophy is accustomed is substituted for another grouping, that of the eras of power or techno-political modes of production ...

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What Is the Analog?

6 Jan , 2018  

This is an excerpt from a forthcoming essay on “The Golden Age of Analog.”

What does the analog mean today? A hard question indeed. For the digital, many will simply make reference to things like Twitter, Playstation, or computers in general. Here one might be correct, but only coincidentally,


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Outline of Non-Maoism

31 Okt , 2017  

Axiomatic (non-)positing of the Real – The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history.

Philosophical invariant – The Party (and the Party-State) exhibit the auto-positional structure of Philosophy-World-Capital. 

Transcendental science-pragmatics – the non-Maoist non-party as clone of the (Maoist) Party. 

The Party ...

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Does Difference Have a Type?

5 Okt , 2017  

I just spoke yesterday yesterday at the University of Pennsylvania on the topics of “control societies” and “ontologies of difference,” two themes that have interested me a great deal over the years. In fact I have been so struck by Deleuze’s essay “Postscript on Societies of Control,” a short and


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Der Quanten-Marxismus/ Non-Laruelle (1)

1 Okt , 2017  

Laruelle fordert in seinem Essay Marx with Planck eine marxistische Gnosis und nennt sich selbst infolgedessen keinen Marxisten, sondern einen an der Zukunft orientierten Marxisten, der sich auf der Suche nach einer aleatorischen Teleologie befindet, die keinen Zusammenhang mit dem hat, was die marxistische Philosophie bisher als Maß und Methode ...

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VERSCHOBEN: Veranstaltung: Bedingungsloser Grundbesitz und Derivate-Kommunismus

20 Sep , 2017  


Die Veranstaltung wird verschoben und findet NICHT am 6. November 2017 statt. 

Ein neuer Termin wird demnächst bekannt gegeben.


Ein Abend in Berlin mit Vorträgen von Achim Szepanski und Anna Newspeak.


//Vortrag Anna Newspeak// Bedingungsloser Grundbesitz

Die naturalisierte Konstruktion der Differenz von Erwerbs- und Sorgearbeit (Arbeit und ...

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10 Sep , 2017  

Marxism may have “lacked” the Real and tied its fate to the history-world. It may have consequently lacked the theory according-to-the-Real of this history-world. These are not just some “observations,” but a new style of theoretical hypotheses. They assume a “program” as much as they imply that program.
Compared to

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The Concept of a ‘First Technology’

5 Sep , 2017  

Laruelle, François. “Le concept d’une ‘technologie première’” in Gilbert Simondon: une pensée de l’individituation et la technique. Paris: Albin Michel, 1994. 206-219.

The Concept of a “First Technology”

François Laruelle

A “Unified Theory” of Technics and Technology

In order to define the object of which we speak and to ...

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The Transcendental Computer: A Non-Philosophical Utopia

28 Aug , 2017  

Translated by Taylor Adkins and Chris Eby

The unified theory of thought and computing [calcul][2], a unification in-the-last-identity, is a task facing every encyclopedic mind (Morin, Serres). It is also the theme of the transcendental computer (TC), of a machine that would have a transcendental relation to philosophy ...

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Introduction to Non-Marxism: Determination-in-the-Last-Instance (DLI)

26 Aug , 2017  

Laruelle, Francois. Introduction au non-marxism. PUF: Paris, 2000. 39-55.

translated by Taylor Adkins

Chapter III: Determination-in-the-Last-Instance

First Elucidation of the Determination-in-the-Last-Instance (DLI)

The determination-in-the-last-instance, invented by Marx-Engels for historical Materialism, never received from them a concept adequate enough to simultaneously produce all the theoretical and critical effects within its ...

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Foraminifederalogie contra Non-Ökonomie. Teil 2: Bedingungsloser Grundbesitz, spekulativer Kommunismus und politische Negativierung

7 Aug , 2017  

Anna Newspeak: Wir wollten noch näher über Derivate-Kommunismus und bedingungslosen Grundbesitz sprechen. Was ist für dich der sogenannte Derivate-Kommunismus?

Achim Szepanski: A-Mathematisch wird der Derivate-Kommunismus folgendermaßen angeschrieben: Eine komplexe Zahl besitzt zwei Teile: einen realen Teil und einen imaginären Teil, so zum Beispiel 2 + 3i. Wenn man in der ...

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Production of the Schizoid, End of Capitalism and Laruelle’s Radical Immanence. Note Quote Didactics.

24 Jul , 2017  

These are eclectics of the production, eclectics of the repetition, eclectics of the difference, where the fecundity of the novelty would either spring forth, or be weeded out. There is ‘schizoproduction’ prevalent in the world. This axiomatic schizoproduction is not a speech act, but discursive, in the sense ...

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