Non-Marxist Critique of Capital, Philosophy and Patriarchy

3 Sep , 2020  

The physical and the automaton, introducing the radical dyad of the non-human By abandoning the principle of philosophical sufficiency in the analysis of the dialectics between thought and the real, following Laruelle and Marx, we arrive at the determination in the last instance of what philosophy calls the “human.” In ...

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Laruelle, the myths of and about Marxism

11 Sep , 2019  

Marx has often spoken of the dwarfish and narrow-minded idea of the German petty bourgeois. Without a doubt, this also applies today to the remaining stocks of German left-wing academics and their Marx reading, as one could see again on the occasion of this year’s Marx Party. There is swaggering, ...

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The Harder They Fall

23 Jan , 2019  

Until a few months ago, the stock market narrative in the United States could have been summarized by the popular acronym BTFD – or ‘buy the fucking dip’. Analysts and strategists, emboldened by the world’s synchronized recovery, Trump’s pro-business policies and ample liquidity, predicted that equities would continue rising and ...

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Introduction to Non-Marxism: Determination-in-the-Last-Instance (DLI)

26 Aug , 2017  

Laruelle, Francois. Introduction au non-marxism. PUF: Paris, 2000. 39-55.

translated by Taylor Adkins

Chapter III: Determination-in-the-Last-Instance

First Elucidation of the Determination-in-the-Last-Instance (DLI)

The determination-in-the-last-instance, invented by Marx-Engels for historical Materialism, never received from them a concept adequate enough to simultaneously produce all the theoretical and critical effects within its ...

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Gosse, NonPolitics

Der philosophische Politizismus ist die Kinderkrankheit des Kommunismus

14 Jul , 2015  

Vertreter der linken  Syriza Plattform wie Kouvelakis machen sich nun über Varoufakis lustig, weil er in den Verhandlungen in Brüssel die alberne Idee verfolgt hätte, gegenüber der stahlharten Machtpolitik mit ökonomischer Theorie sprich Argumenten glänzen zu wollen. Es mag ja richtig sein, dass der Linkskeynesianer Varoufakis noch von einem Rest ...

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EconoFiction, Lexicon

Milios, Economy, Non-Marxism

15 Jun , 2015  


John Milios has posted an exceptionally clear analysis of the nature of the regime of austerity which has been imposed with impunity on the people of Europe. There has, of course, been determined local resistance on the street and by way of traditional forms of struggle – strikes and ...

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