The Digital Regime of Truth: From the Algorithmic Governmentality to a New Rule of Law

This is caricature but we have left this idea of the actuarial reality behind for what I would call a ‘post-actuarial reality’ in which it is no longer about calculating probabilities but to account in advance for what escapes probability and thus the excess of the possible on the probable.

It is no longer a matter of threatening you or inciting you, but simply by sending you signals that provoke stimuli and therefore reflexes. There is no longer any subject in fact. It is not only that there are no longer any subjectivity, but it is that the very notion of subject is itself being completely eliminated thanks to this collection of infra-individual data; these are recomposed at a supra-individual level under the form of profile. You no longer ever appear.

Prevention consists in acting on the causes of phenomena so that we know that these phenomena will happen or will not happen. This is not at all what we are dealing with here in algorithmic governmentality since we have forgotten about causality and we are no longer in a causal regime. It is pre-emption and it consists in acting not on the causes but on the informational and physical environment so that certain things can or cannot be actualised, so that they can or cannot be possible. This is extremely different: it is an augmented actuality of the possible. Reality therefore fills the entire room, reality as actuality. This is a specific actuality that takes the form of a vortex aspiring both the past and the future. Everything becomes actual.

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Foto: Bernhard Weber

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