The Middle Classes, Class Places, and Class Positions: A Critical Approach to Nicos Poulantzas’s Theory

Through a critical rereading of Marxist class theory, a reexamination of the borderline between the working and middle classes is undertaken, focusing on the classidentity of middle classes with respect to the question of class place and classposition. In this context we summarize the arguments in Nicos Poulantzas’s approach to the subject (mainly his theory of ‘‘pertinent effects,’’ according to which all basicsubcategories of the middle classes are affiliated with the self-same pettybourgeoisie), submitting these arguments to criticism and supporting a moreaccurate view of middle-class subcollectivities, not as parts of the same class butas different classes: the middle bourgeoisie, the traditional petty bourgeoisie, and the new petty bourgeoisie.

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Foto: Sylvia John

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