Theory Talk: Dark Deleuze

…So, for me, I think secrecy is absolutely important. And yes, this goes against certain democracy theories and certain social-democratic approaches to Marx’s politics, but there have been a lot of communists who have operated in secrecy. There are 9th century dissident communists that have been made popular recently, like Auguste Blanqui, who Invisible Committee has written about and Peter Hallward is doing a project on right now. He is a very interesting figure to return to. I mean, Marx hated him, of course. Marx thought that he had an aristocratic approach to politics. But Blanqui believed in a conspiracy of communists, and there are a number of other figures from the 19th century that are kind of interesting. This links up with contemporary anarchism – it is the black bloc and antifa to a certain extent. The idea is that there are forms of politics that would lose when they go toe-to-toe with the pornographic politics of the state and dominant culture. We see this observation in play in doxxing wars online – that transparency is used to target individuals and make their lives really difficult. It is a battle of appearances or war of appearances, where non-appearance or non-existence can often be an essential tactic to build asymmetry between the contemporary liberal democratic politics that exist today and potential alternatives to it…

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