Theses on the Uprising

We oppose these violent police thugs who roam the streets.

These terrorists who suffocate and torture Black and Brown people by the thousands each year, instilling terror and exhaustion in everyone left behind. We denounce the brutal cops who kidnap migrant children and their parents, who disappear trans sisters, who leave bodies unnamed in mass graves at the southern border. We oppose the police and the cult of hero-worship that enjoins us to celebrate those tasked with keeping us in our place. We condemn ICE and the Border Patrol, who shoot our neighbors in their homes and chase workers in the fields and arrest students in our schools, as if they were prey in a rigged hunt. We oppose them in Minneapolis, in Los Angeles, Louisville, and Detroit; in Ferguson, Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, and New York; in Atlanta, Oakland, Philadelphia, and Memphis; and yes, in every city and town where they are free to shoot and kill without repercussion, which is everywhere, always. These forces are now and will always be enemies of the working class, everywhere in the world.

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