Wikipedia article: Universal Basic Property

The Universal Basic Property (shortened: UBP) is an idea invented by Anna Newspeak. It describes the proposition of substituting the monetary, financial, capital and therefore class order through the set-up of a completely new capitalistic order and its relations by giving a Universal Basic Property of money to every person on the planet. Because of the lack of an opportunity (too many failed institutions and states, corruption, mafia, brutal domination interests of every kind, conversion of wealth into seldom things etc.) to charge the global property of the rich and the super-rich with taxes, the Universal Basic Property wants to begin within a new world currency which also should be an online-currency. To take part, persons should be able to register themself once at an organisation that administrates the monetary flows. Furthermore, according to Newspeak, the Universal Basic Property shall be combined with a Universal Basic Income whereby half of the total global volume of money is used by each.

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