codes of Concrete Spirit

Compressions and fusions in cross-cultural dialogue simulates desert and jungle at the same time.
“When she finally crawled into bed she felt the presence of the featureless black box in the room, emanating waves of
anticipative anxiety.”
“Body is black box”, it breaks out stunningly quiet.
This x does not mark destination – it is insertion of a topological key-frame for the formation of a new logic. Zero.
Then, at time t=0, an intense electromagnetic pulse with a suitable radio frequency is switched on for a short time
interval, making the spins behave in a way that resembles spinning in xy [italic] plane.
Logical monsters excrements outfields. Inside the black box it is executed only a finite number of times for any given
value of n.
Time is-as a sequence of a reactive process.
T is like a clock, counting the number of steps executed. T (as Time) is character of induction.
Are there (any) witnesses of all apparitions fluctuating through XYZT? Is It itself an ink issued line, string or poison
containing conduct, sharp edge, corner of exit as continuously ? As if the question mark suggests the figure of this
All those lines (intersecting, signal punctuating) are done in such a way that they end up to be experienced as created
in that very instant, momentum of dis-positions. 321_ the tail is curving toward the corner, then a sudden rinse, you
feel outed – input,
Encapsulation is-as prehension. Poison is collective production according to which production of things appear.
I (as one can) recall a moment,
once being on a field of very, very dry red scorpions. They were cracking by each step. As you turned around from the
top of the field, it seemed as if it’s all of a twist, or more precisely, all of (an) un-twist.
For all t=1,2,3…, the automation A[t] receives the generation X[t-1] as its input from A[t-1] and then applies the
variation operator v and selection operator s, producing the generation X[i+1] and sending it to A[t+1] to continue
finished at: 14:39

[intoxicating – extoxication]

(Novel ‘XYZT’ by Kristen Alvanson, Urbanomic, 2019)
Authors: Darko Vukić and Velimir Popović

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