There is no rebellion (there’s only me earning a paycheck)

8 Jul , 2020  

Conspiracy has roared back into American culture, although perhaps it never left. QAnon, “Epstein brain,” 9/11 truthers, Russiagate, True Detective S02E06. Fueled by paranoia, the conspiracy theorist finds meaning in every detail, forcing the unrepresentable into the light of day (even if it doesn’t exist). When faced with meaninglessness, the ...

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Das Problem – Althusser – Deleuze – Foucault

7 Jul , 2020  

Liest man Deleuze nicht ausschließlich im Kontext einer vernunftkritischen Position, die gemeinhin mit transzendentalem Empirismus umschrieben wird (vgl. Rölli 2003), auch nicht als Befürworter eines ontologischen Realismus (vgl. De Landa 2006), dann ließen sich mit Deleuze (und Guattari) auch sozio-ökonomische, synthetische Strukturen der gegenwärtigen kapitalistischen Ökonomie im Kontext von begrifflichen ...

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Laruelle und die generischen Wissenschaften

6 Jul , 2020  

Laruelle strebt eine nicht-philosophische oder generische Maschine an, die eine ihrer Suffizienz geraubten Philosophie (ohne umfassende Transzendentalität) mit einer ihres mathemathischen Apparats geraubten Quantenphysik (ohne Kalkulation) verbindet. Die Herausdrehung der Nicht-Standard-Philosophie aus der Philosophie und der Nicht-Philosophie mündet für Laruelle in der generischen Wissenschaft, die selbst eine Methode zu entwickeln ...

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I’ll have to wander all alone – Jacques Derrida on Gilles Deleuze

4 Jul , 2020  

oo much to say, and I don’t have the heart for it today. There is too much to say about what has happened to us here, about what has also happened to me, with the death of Gilles Deleuze, with a death we no doubt feared (knowing him to be ...

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3 Jul , 2020  

F. Laruelle. “Programme.” La Décision philosophique 1 (1987): 5-43.


translated by Taylor Adkins 7/2/20

  1. A science for philosophy

Let’s suppose that we will formulate a project and that it will be necessary to exposit a program, this would be the manifesto: don’t do like philosophers, invent philosophy! Radically change ...

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A Baroque Heresy: Notes on Deleuze and Leibniz on the Concept

29 Jun , 2020  

“The other who is nobody…the a priori Other is defined in each system by its expressive value – in other words, its implicit and enveloping value […] The I and the Self, by contrast, are immediately characterised by functions of development or explication: not only do they experience qualities in ...

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“Rebellious postulations”: from Beyond the Power Principle

26 Jun , 2020  

by François Laruelle
translated from the French by Jeremy R. Smith

this piece first appeared in Barricade: A Journal of Antifascism and Translation

A materialist politics of meaning1 [sens]
1. There are at least two means of making a politics of meaning. A dominant means, which proceeds by ...

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Black Hole Materialism

19 Jun , 2020  

Christopher Neil Gamble University of Washington

Thomas Nail University of Denver

Abstract: The Euro-Western tradition has long considered matter to be essentially non-relational, passive and mechanical. Matter, that is, is thought to consist of elementary particles that remain internally unchanged while moving inside of, or against, an equally unchanging or ...

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Viral Life in the Alienocene

15 Jun , 2020  

The experience of COVID-19 is a different kind of upheaval. If we were living in the Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Plantationocene or Chthulucenebefore much of the world shuttered, we are living in the Alienocene now, with no words sufficient to describe the tragedies unfolding on so many levels at once. As social ...

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Laruelle’s “Badiou and Non-Philosophy: a Parallel”

14 Jun , 2020  

         I. Everything seems to force the opposition between non-philosophy and the philosophy that takes the equation mathematics=ontology as its ontological base. This opposition can be identified on four levels:

            1. The central and guiding theme: on the one hand, a philosophy of the radical Multiple (Badiou=B.); on the ...

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Lucretius and the immanence of motion

9 Jun , 2020  

Lucretius was the first philosopher of immanence. It is he and not Democritus or Epicurus who holds this title. If we want to understand the historical emergence of the concept of immanence, we should start by distinguishing its precursors in Greek atomism from its first complete incarnation in Lucretius. This ...

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5 Jun , 2020  

originally published in “&&& (an online journal run by New Centre of Research & Practice and edited by Ekin Erkan)

Within Deleuze scholarship there has been a relatively recent turn towards Deleuzian negativity. While brought forward most prominently in Andrew Culp’s Dark Deleuze (2016), J. Adams put forward a notion ...

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