Has Techno Decelerated? On Technoculture, Acceleration and Breaks

19 Mai , 2018  

Reflecting on the last thirty years of techno music, I am not alone thinking that it has decelerated. By deceleration, I mean that since the 1980s the beat per minutes of techno music – which varies, usually, between 120 and 160 bpm – slowed in pace. Techno has become somehow ...

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Pop und Kulturindustrie. Eine heitere Symbiose.

15 Apr , 2018  

Wenn im Pop heute alles Retro ist, dann braucht man sich gerade in Deutschland nicht zu wundern, dass Versatzstücke des Antisemitismus integraler Bestandteil des Pop sind. Während der postnazistische Deutsche die Resultate des Nationalsozialismus noch in der Form des Büßers verarbeitet, der aus der Erfahrung der Vergangenheit gelernt haben und ...

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Alienocene, the Journal of the First Outernational.

2 Apr , 2018  



Alienocene, first announcement:

Theoretical, artistic, political, and scientific, Alienocene is an electronic journal that gathers texts, sounds, and images seeking to reshape the relation between the human and the inhuman, the terrestrial and the extraterrestrial, the near and the distant, what is familiar to us


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6 Mrz , 2018  


Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman — a rope over an abyss…What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal: what is lovable in man is that he is a transition… Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge, ...

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Non-Musicology (from) Rhythm

25 Feb , 2018  

A sequence of non-musicological praxis corresponding to phases of Non-musicology:

Marked by a rebellious apprenticeship in experimental music, the first period of non-musicological praxis is not thoroughly non-musical. Throughout Musicology ?, terribly uncreative secondary works of experimental music were composed.

The unexpected discovery of ‘The Principle of Musical Sufficiency’ occurred ...

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17 Feb , 2018  

by Kilian Jörg & Jorinde Schulz (translation: Kilian Jörg)

“I want to be a machine. Arms to grab legs to walk no pain no thought.

I want to be a machine. Arms to grab legs to walk no pain no thought.

I want to be a machine. Arms to grab ...


Manifesto for future ambient

15 Feb , 2018  

Ambient is a music of lived moments.

Ambient recognizes control must be forgone with respect to how the music is encountered (but not how it is composed).

Ambient is experientially discrete, but not musically so.

Ambient acknowledges the deceit that is the promise of repetition.

Ambient is never only music ...

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Force Inc./NON Event Ultrablack2 plus Lesung 23.2. KOZ FFM

6 Feb , 2018  

Freitag 23.2. KOZ Uni Bockenheim Frankfurt

20 Uhr

Lesung mit Achim Szepanski zu Kapital und Macht im 21. Jahrhundert

23 Uhr

Party: Force Inc. Ultrablack 2

Gerait (Sound Mirror)
Crane AK (NTD 98, Force Inc.)
Paradroid (Force Inc.)

Bill B. Wintermute (Acéphale, Force Inc.)
Dr Walker (Liquid Sky, ...

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The Offshore Economist

1 Feb , 2018  

Offshore How to deal with it: an introduction to all things offshore by the Demystification Comittee


pdf here:The_Offshore_Economist


Foto: Bernhard Weber ...

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11 Dez , 2017  


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Force Inc – Ultrablack in Music

25 Nov , 2017  

“Auch dort zieht der musikalische Strom entlang wie ein Sturzbach vom Rauschen zur Sprache, der an den Quellen des Unglücks entsteht und in Katarakten zur revoltierenden Befreiung hinschießt wie ein schwarzes Magnifikat.” Michel Serres.

Force Inc is back:

The abstract Force Inc. machine. There are all manners of ...

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Obsolete Capitalism Sound System :: Chaos Sive Natura. Electric Tree and Electronic Rhizome

8 Nov , 2017  

The present work does not have a starting point but many starting points, centres of strength and lines of movement that compose it. One of the dynamic points is shown by the title: Chaos Sive Natura. It is a Nietzschean paraphrase of an expression by Spinoza, Deus Sive Natura, God ...

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Force Inc. – Ultrablackness of Music / Event Frankfurt

28 Okt , 2017  

“I am not of your kind, I belong eternally to the inferior race, I am a beast, a black.” Deleuze/Guattari

17.11.2017 23 Uhr: Tanzhaus West Frankfurt/M. / Gutleutstr. 294

Force Inc. sondiert die schwarze Musikbox. Force Inc. ist Ultrablackness of Music. Force Inc ist die alte/neue Rhythmacht. Mit ihr mutiert ...

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28 Okt , 2017  

Freitag, 17. November, 22:00 Uhr

brut in der Grellen Forelle, Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Wien
Monsterfrau & Crystal Distortion
TEK MATER (Season 1)

Musiktheater / Uraufführung
in deutscher und englischer Sprache

Are You as tired of all this as we are?
wouldn’t it be great to get away from

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