3 Jul , 2020  

F. Laruelle. “Programme.” La Décision philosophique 1 (1987): 5-43.


translated by Taylor Adkins 7/2/20

  1. A science for philosophy

Let’s suppose that we will formulate a project and that it will be necessary to exposit a program, this would be the manifesto: don’t do like philosophers, invent philosophy! Radically change ...

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“Rebellious postulations”: from Beyond the Power Principle

26 Jun , 2020  

by François Laruelle
translated from the French by Jeremy R. Smith

this piece first appeared in Barricade: A Journal of Antifascism and Translation

A materialist politics of meaning1 [sens]
1. There are at least two means of making a politics of meaning. A dominant means, which proceeds by ...

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Luciana Parisi and the problem of the predictability of unpredictability

4 Feb , 2020  

In her book Contagious Architecture, Luciana Parisi calls on us to distance ourselves from two – still relevant today – metacomputational definitions, according to which a) algorithms are determined as finite quantities, or b) as evolutionary interactive models, the latter being based on sensors, processors and feedback processes. Parisi believes ...

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EconoFiction, PhiloFiction

25 Theses at time (of capital)

23 Jan , 2020  

1) Economic quantities can be changed in time precisely because money, as a so-called transcendental signifier of capital, has the quality of a pure quantity, whereby money is released from current acts of exchange and thus, as a monetary sign, accounts for the time accumulated in the commodity, which in ...

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codes of Concrete Spirit

13 Jan , 2020  

Compressions and fusions in cross-cultural dialogue simulates desert and jungle at the same time.
“When she finally crawled into bed she felt the presence of the featureless black box in the room, emanating waves of
anticipative anxiety.”
“Body is black box”, it breaks out stunningly quiet.
14:21 ...



Meillassoux at the Googleplex

9 Jan , 2020  

I’ve been thinking about the old maxim “correlation is not causation.” Skeptics tend to push a strong interpretation of the maxim. The skeptics say significance doesn’t emanate from behavior; the phenomena of the world refuse to furnish their own meaning. Working scientists on the other hand tend to be more ...

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How to Spot an Analog Philosopher

10 Dez , 2019  

How to spot an analog philosopher? First look at his attachments… What does he love the most?

Analog philosophers value life and vitality, and thus have a special affection for nature. They talk about energy and aliveness, but also the same thing in reverse, dissipation and death. The ugliest ugly ...

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Althusser and the “Problem” in Philosophy

6 Nov , 2019  

Deleuze’s philosophy of virtuality has simply put the non-creationist construction of problems, concepts and their relations before interpretation. Similarly, Althusser has formulated this in several passages of Das Kapital Lesen 1 when he writes that the production of a problem constellation and the concepts unfolding it is to be understood ...

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The End of Dialectics

4 Nov , 2019  

There is a continuous insistence in philosophy on the illusion that the problem of the relationship between theory and practice can be thought of in terms of an original disjunction and a possible synthesis (the differential positions remain, but are constantly both traversed or synthesized). The monistic-plural thinking of a ...

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What is determination in the last instance? (20 points)

31 Okt , 2019  

) For Laruelle, philosophy always revolves around dualities or differences, being – other, theory – practice, ontic-ontological, etc.

2) Laruelle leaves this terrain to fully invest his thinking power in the solutions of the One’s problem, or more precisely to develop an irreversible thinking in one or according to the ...

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7 Okt , 2019  

This text includes a presentation of TETRALOGOS, the new (2019) book by François Laruelle, followed by an examination of his formula for a «general science fiction» and a proposal to make this formula more generic.


some general considerations regarding the amplitude and inventiveness of Laruelle’s research program. (2) static ...

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Laruelle: The One, The Real

14 Sep , 2019  

Laruelle tries to liberate the real and the one – terms he mostly uses as synonyms – from any determination by philosophical being. If the One is not a synonym for being, it cannot be realized in it either. The One should also not be equated with existence, it is ...

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