Finally, the English version of “Digitalität tanzen!” as “Counter-Dancing Digitality” is out: (you can download the PDF for free, open access, later you can also order a print copy if you want).

Digitality is imposed upon us! To change this, we should not turn away from it, but look carefully into its transformative power and make operable alternatives such as counter-algorhythms and solidarity-oriented commoning. The aim is a world where profit and property no longer exist, but instead where a cooperative dance – between all the needs posed by our ecosystems, and all the needs of people – becomes practicable. This book is a critical media theory of future-building, modulated by a focus on the potentials of counter-dancing as providing ways to unfold fugitive practices.

“Shintaro Miyazaki’s joyful book builds a media theoretical proposal for collective rhythms in computational culture. The mix of wonderful readings and insights offers alternatives to the depressing beat of capitalism, while maneuvering from cybernetics and computational modeling to play, from media archaeology to Marx and digital commons.” Jussi Parikka, Aarhus University & Winchester School of Art

Thanks Andreas Kirchner and meson press for publishing. Thanks Jussi Parikka for writing the flattering book endorsement. Thanks Achim Szepanski for asking me to write about algo-trading or algorhythms when I did not want to => I came up with another idea..!

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