#ZeroCovid? On the end of the political difference between 1 and 0

A few days ago, the #ZeroCovid campaign was launched, declaring itself as a solidary way out of the pandemic under the pretense of a supposedly leftist stance. In turn, this article will unfold some thoughts on why #ZeroCovid carries an inherent eliminativity that must be completely unacceptable to an equally omniversal and mass emancipatory interest.

For example, „Pandemic control has failed.“ No, it hasn’t, because „pandemic control“ has achieved exactly what it was supposed to and what the dispositional think tanks of the totalitarian political center and the totalitarian political right composed it to do: Targeted eradication of the surplus population based on dominated characteristics (poor, queer, BIPOC, refugees, women, single parents, fat, homeschooled, persecuted, deep, behind, etc.). Total policing. Maximalization of the overall social intensities of exploitation. Private invasion. Work-to-death. Boundless carceralization. Juridical transcendentalism. Totalitarian sovereignism. Full funding of patriarchy. Return of the female and queer body to male private ownership. Endemic domestic violence. Bureaucratic chains of torture. Judicial show trials. Viral state terrorism. Systemic murder of care workers* in health facilities. Political fascization of the social body. Merkel-left and Söder-left. A left political opposition no longer exists, because it has been made bankrupt and forcibly expropriated, except where it has never existed anyway, because it can never exist there according to the course of the hegemonic world chain of equivalences. Exploding food prices, especially of the most important foodstuffs for health. Tax cuts for the most dominant fractions of economic capital. And above all: most comprehensive prevention of any mass emancipation. The hegemonic world equivalence chain of all possible ruling dispositions got everything it wanted. And the final victory of global fascism under the condition and with the aim of the complete extinction of the subaltern world equivalence chain is only a millimeter away. A single last millimeter. … But the answer of ZeroCovid is: White fascist police patriarchy.

Also the horizon of a „rent stop“ proves to be absurd: On the basis of exactly such speeches the perpetrator language of the totalitarian center can be recognized. Countless millions of people have no living space at all, have not been able to pay any rent for a long time, and find themselves socially far beyond any housing space or in forced eviction – and thus beyond any effectiveness of a „rent freeze,“ whereby even a forced eviction freeze would still elevate the annihilation of the homeless to the agenda of ZeroCovid. In addition, the question arises how it should continue after a rent freeze for the middle class for those who have nothing more, never had anything and will have nothing more, also and especially no housing? Then rent is to be paid probably again completely normally and the mass destruction by evictions and homelessness continue? Who has no intact dwelling, has also no intact human life. Forced eviction is murder. Homelessness is murder. And mass homelessness is mass murder. Mass hunger is mass murder. But the structure of articulation, to which ZeroCovid discursively draws itself to belong, already refused to understand this during the financial crisis of 2008ff. and only shouted „Relativism!“ again and again. … But the answer of ZeroCovid is: White fascist police patriarchy.

Furthermore, ZeroCovid states programmatically, „The first goal is to reduce contagions to zero.“ Mass emancipatory, this can only ever be completely wrong, because which: r sets this as the first premise, must inevitably end in the mass killing of human life, because first after the preconditions of the mass emancipation of all, which is the precondition of a world-societal dealing with the socialization of the historicity of an eliminatory event and a lethal threat – a dangerous virus, which does not represent any form of natural catastrophe, but has a history that is rooted in the global relations of violence, exploitation and annihilation, especially of the agribusiness – must be asked in order to be able to act in an anti-eliminatory way at all. But the perpetrator language, the perpetrator discourse that is unintentionally expressed in ZeroCovid betrays this and does not allow for such a central premise of mass emancipation and historicity from the beginning. From the beginning. Instead, only one thing is pursued: Naturalization of death as mass murder. But there is no natural death, except in its quasi-transcendental premise of a balance of equal life expectancy or equal distribution of life and death on the basis of all differences/sections/variables/differences of the world; a premise, however, that would not be metaphysical because the boundaries of life and death themselves are always shifting (e.g. through the invention of vaccines) and are subject to the swings of chance only in this continuing shift. … But the answer of ZeroCovid is: white fascist patriarchy.

According to ZeroCovid’s scaling „[…] action must be taken in all European countries […]“, but here inescapably a boundless racism is written down: isolation to the outside, repression to the inside. Planetary, omniversal, unconditional, on the other hand, would be the only form of space for action that is not racist and anti-Semitic and does justice to a cosmopolitanism that liquidates its classicist and nationalist presuppositions. … But ZeroCovid’s answer is white fascist patriarchy.

„Third, we also need a common long-term vision – and on its basis regional and national action plans,“ already articulates a coming threat: T5, T6, T7 and Aktion Beinhart are not far away as iterable revenants here. Because in fact there is already such an architecture, namely in the extension of the planetary multi-totalitarianism and its mass murders (Gynocide, Romn*jazide, Pauperzide, Queerzide, etc., thus the systematic campization/carceration and liquidation of the entire subaltern world equivalent chain), which will have abolished the middles of society only in order to uniformly arm itself in the eternal right of fascism of all ruling dispositions. Only this time no one is guaranteed to be forgotten in the extermination. The means of choice of this centrist mass murder, which is nothing else than the elimination of the political opposition and therefore of the political difference between 0 and -1 at all, are the e-weapons: emptiness. Emptiness. More precisely: the lack of money, lack of housing, lack of food, lack of welfare, lack of telecommunications, lack of electricity, lack of warmth (or cold), lack of politiability (the possibility of being able to politically differentiate, participate, and articulate oneself in socially clearly signable efficacy), lack of physicality, lack of education, lack of media, and so on. Lack as a means of mass elimination, emptiness, stands here and now as the quasi-universal of a world war without a number (is it the third? the fourth? the fifth? ) at the center of warfare, which ZeroCovid also tries to fill, to stuff with its infinite „aids“ (every aid here is a form of postcolonial euthanasia, because in it the relation between domination and dominatedness is not de-armed, disarmed, but expanded, upgraded), that is, to be absorbed in a binary-heteronormative act of penetration, which will find its end with totalitarian mass rapes in fascism. The only possibility, however, to fight the metaphysics of emptiness lies in the emptying of lack, the emptying of emptiness, which can only be achieved via the omniversal emptying and alienation (expropriation of expropriation: ex-expropriation) of the hegemonic world chain of equivalence via a financial unconditional land ownership (equivalent to approx. 30-60. 000 US dollars per capita, explicitly also for very small children, stateless persons, paperless persons, political opponents etc.), a non-financial unconditional land ownership (the percentage of square meters of the total living space or of the total land per capita) and an unconditional basic income (converted approx. 1500 Euro per capita) can be implemented. … But the answer of ZeroCovid is: White fascist patriarchy. At the latest here must be a: r the difference between totalitarian center, to which the drafters of ZeroCovid feel they belong, totalitarian right, to which they directly help to power, totalitarian nationalization „left“, to which it retreats – after it has completely screwed up and refused the socialization of all means of society on a world scale – giving up all democratic freedoms, and totalitarian transcendental, which distinguishes itself by the forms of its metaphysical-religious fanaticism including the longing for a God-state from the right-wing leader state, centrist capital state and „left-wing“ workers state. If this is not the case, the planetary fascism will either eliminate them very soon or take them over with a small bite, with which they would have arrived there, where they move anyway already quite steeply.

Further, ZeroCovid says of the long-term vision: „These include screening and vaccination strategies, protection of at-risk groups, and support for those most affected by the pandemic.“ – It must be asked here, which:r not particularly affected by the pandemic? And on what is this „not particularly affected“ based? For ZeroCovid, everything is just a disposable mass of bioobjects that the subscribers command as the dominant economic capital they are or think they are. The world thus degenerates into nothing more than a never-ending charity event in which the Hegelian world spirit is „Misereor:“ „I have mercy.“ A donation here, a donation there, this is, as it were, direct action and vision – or leftist activism. „Screening“ enciphers only another word for racial profiling, which as gender profiling, class profiling, weight profiling etc. – thus again on the basis of the subaltern world equivalence chain – unfolds a universal total control and at the same time still has to be implemented via tracing app into the political body of society for the preservation of national or European unity and public health. Under penalty of refusal, of course. The millions who have no functioning cell phones because they have no telecommunications are, by construction of the obligation to a tracing app, illegalized life, criminals who must be locked away and can be tortured at will. The summoned white fascist police patriarchy, which is already in general use, has long since formed the solution to the question of the traceability of the chains of infection here: „The personnel must be increased in this area. Wages must be raised significantly.“ Vaccinations are carried out by the army – and no:r does not even notice any problem with that. Something else beyond the all-embracing Securitas cannot be imagined in such a way already at all. No: The dead do not want „help“. Never again. The dead want a livable life for all without exception. Absolutely and without time limit – not until the next mutation, not until the end of the pandemic, not until the next outbreak, not until the next „election“.

Checking the politics of ZeroCovid: Right to self-isolation? There isn’t. Claim to masks and masking? Doesn’t exist. (What there is: bans on mummery and concealment.) Claim to vaccination? Does not exist. Right to disinfectants? Does not exist. Entitlement to testing? Does not exist. Entitlement to medical treatment through unconditional access to health care? Does not exist. Entitlement to the appropriate foods and food preparations, as well as prescription and non-prescription substances, which – as far as known so far – help against the virus as prevention and in its course of disease? There is not. Dissolution of the German military and the use of the expenditures spent on it so far for an unrestricted care work? Does not exist. Unconditional land ownership as housing and/or land? Does not exist. Unconditional land ownership as monetary land assets? Does not exist. Unconditional basic income? Does not exist. Problems with unpaid childcare and all that grueling, unpaid work? How about a reproduction wage that solves this problem immediately, structurally and universally? Exactly: there is no such thing. Please, no anti-capitalist left feminism with an anti-eliminatory premise. Bourgeois privilege feminism with eliminatory presupposition only.

There is only – besides rare ambiguities in pandemic control policy, which include the beginning of the pandemic and during which the partially uncontrolled flows of money into the subaltern world equivalence chain led to the greatest successes of pandemic containment, which, however, after initial confusion, has been attempted to be caught up again by the recollection of law and order and has now produced gigantic chains of criminal proceedings that can only be dealt with eliminatorily – infinite and ever-growing debt ratios: Indebtedness to the totalitarian law whose ordinances have been broken qua existence (structure of original sin; hunger as a crime, breathing as a crime, homelessness as a crime, etc. – the perfect perpetrator-victim reversal of an abusive relationship on a world scale), leading to the (un)termination and prevention of subaltern flows of money and food, of all freedoms and all claims against a community and its social constraints. Indebtedness to the governmental and non-governmental aid agencies, whose „aids“ can never be repaid and lead to an unimaginable number of court cases without the very slightest basic legal, constitutional, human rights or mass emancipatory content for the subaltern world equivalence chain. From the indebtedness constructs itself the million and billionfold crime, which the totalitarian law must out, control, imprison, punish and finally destroy. Further and further into planetary fascism. Deeper and deeper into the next coming high-speed extermination camp, whose expansion limits have already exceeded the earth planet as such.

A nontological left does not want the „protection“ of risk groups, but the overthrow of all dominance and rule groups by risk groups. Risk groups are defined in terms of the groups of subalternized life whose „protection“ as vulnerabilities dominated by the hegemonic world equivalence chain have been immediately inscribed in the euthanasian triage structures and only update and expand with each redefinition. The disempowerment of the hegemonic world equivalence chain, on the other hand, means that one allows only the strong to die, thereby opening up a new political space of omniversal weaknesses between 0 and -1, in which the dignity of man is replaced by the vulnerability of life and death, as well as by the gen minus-infinity divided disversion of minorities from now on nontologically thwarting every statistical and non-statistical majority of the center, middles, means, mediations and every other form of the center (of capital in the generalized sense) as abscence metaphysics. ZeroCovid, however, with its underlying horizon, is a dominance and domination group that naturalizes world relations in the artificial scarcity of carework, funds, vaccines, food, housing, bodily integrity, etc., and that is precisely why there is no unconditional land tenure, no unconditional basic income, no repro wage, no claim to self-isolation, etc. Let alone a discussion around it that would somehow justify the negative-deconstructive association with (a shared) „zero“ and turn it mass-emancipatory.

The epistemology and the speech that declare the „[…] solidary pause […]“ – just like those:r of cohesion, of the common, everything for region, nation, and Europe, i.e. everything that Derrida already mutinied against with an aimance – betray a clear perpetrator language. What is at stake here is purely the safeguarding of domination. If an alleged, i.e. denaturalized-denaturalizing left would really want „solidarity“ (and let’s just pretend that this is really possible as such without totalitarian preconditions) and a „zero hour“ beyond the metaphysics of abscence, the preconditions of temporalization and spatialization themselves would have to be changed. Then another world society is founded on the abysses of the socialization of all means and means through unconditional land ownership and unconditional basic income, because even with a (perhaps never) successful fight against the virus, the associated reorganization of the planetary economic world remains unquestionable. The „pause“ in the sense of ZeroCovid, however, has been discursively invented to disguise, perpetuate, and naturalize the domination of time as labor for the capital form. But there is no going back to zero hour without abscence metaphysics. And precisely for this reason, a pause that does not and does not want to change anything about labor, about the temporal mass of labor, about the temporal domination over labor, about world relations as relations of violence, must be rejected and transferred and transformed into another temporal order of pausing as nifferance: Maximum paid reduction of working time in professional work, minimum prevention of the extension of freely chosen financed care time/reproductive time/leisure time. Only when the pause has disintegrated as the rule of a unity and become in nontological differentiality (nifferance) a never-ending strike, a stoppage of work in the most nifferential sense, abolishing labor in its metaphysics as work for economic capital, from which it sets its transcendentalized form, can there be a zero that undermines the abscence metaphysics of the pause and absorbs the shutdown into the downward disintegrating movement of a nramma. In other words, it is not enough to pause only large parts of the subaltern world equivalence chain and a few parts of the hegemonic world equivalence chain, but only when a proceeding pause of the entire hegemonic and subaltern world equivalence chain dematerializes the world can an antieliminative response to the pandemic be found that reveals the necessary quasi-pauses for the subaltern world equivalence chains.

ZeroCovids Zero, however, without such absorption, must repeat itself again and again only as pure quasi-fascism: „Collective accommodations must be dissolved, refugees must be decentralized.“ Here, too, people only become risk objects that are strategically moved back and forth on an imaginary, multi-dimensional space of camp complexes consisting of loud abscentist zero points, although the structural fixation in spatial and temporal zero points is precisely the real problem. Who will „decentralize“ the people? The white fascist police patriarchy. A self-chosen freedom of movement including a claim to existence (a claim as eksistence without abscence, that is, as an outside without a pure or final outside, but without any inside) and autonomous choice of living space without rent has long since been denied by ZeroCovid to the life it illegalizes, and the structural killing of this life has been decided; just as in all the morias that are said to be a failure of European politics. And this is exactly how the totalitarian state will implement it, everywhere where this has not already happened: mass murder as an accident. Mass murder as accident.

„People who do a particularly large amount of care work in the shutdown are to be relieved by communal facilities“, but in the ominous communal facilities, in turn, those meet with a certain intensity of encounter who, nevertheless, have to keep their distance at the same time. So this calculation does not work out, except that it is about a pure shift of unpaid care work of the bourgeoisie calling for maids to the even more beaten; the eternal migrantization of care work for eternity and against any repro wage. Unpaid work thus shifts further and further toward even more dominated groups, even more unpaid, even more committed to a work-to-death, and even further out.

Summing up, one asserts, „There is no contradiction between health protection and fighting pandemics on the one hand and defending democratic rights and the rule of law on the other.“ But there is no democratic state at all, no health system functioning for mass emancipation, no legal system functioning for mass emancipation, because even if tomorrow the pandemic were over, countless millions and billions of people would not have access to their livelihoods, to housing, to health care, to food, to temporally unlimited regular funds, etc. which are not chains of debt and are not in the decision-making power of the professional murderers from employment office, housing subsidy office, family fund, development aid, house bank, investment bank, IMF, ESM or any other superfluous office or any authority or institution with its small-scale, perfected destruction bureaucracy. Because one:r can order German courts amidst the peaks of the pandemic to a presence hearing of a show trial in a closed room inside a courthouse, where the question is when one:r will be killed by eviction – if that does not already happen in the courtroom by contagion. The narrative of the existence of the democratic state and democracies of the Western type is a pure narrative of domination, which makes use of post/colonial repetitions. Indeed, the dictator, the slave patrol, the king, the colonial administration, the bank always lives in a democracy. And ZeroCovid operates as this and with this network of such an autocracy.

Consequently, as a consequence of their own attitude, „Therefore, we demand the introduction of a Europe-wide Covid solidarity tax on high assets, corporate profits, financial transactions and the highest incomes“, all of which will then be transferred from the totalitarian center to the totalitarian right of the white fascist police patriarchy, because camp construction, policing and extermination bureaucracy must be paid for, because in unconditional land ownership, etc., they are guaranteed not to go, obeying their command rationality. Thus the perpetrator*inspeech articulates itself: „solidarity levy“. That without exception all world-social events are preceded by a universal structure of exploitation, which has lifted the hegemonic world-equivalence-chain from the subaltern world-equivalence-chain (instead of the subaltern world-equivalence-chain to itself as foraminiferderation, as nontologically shared nifferance) and made the latter a pure abscence, is denied here, otherwise ZeroCovid would namely speak, for example, of „reparations“, „reparations“, „reparations“ and „reparations“. of „reparations“, „land ownership“, „restitution“, „entitlements“ or „basic income“. At least that.

There can be no choice for leftists between pandemic denial and totalitarianism denial. Whether I die from a virus, from lack of housing, from lack of money, from lack of health care, from hunger, from a court judgment, or from bludgeoning by police terror, it makes no difference whatsoever in the outcome or in its quantitative composition. However, this will soon be the case and with me for millions and billions of others who will follow the millions and billions before them without unconditional land ownership, without unconditional basic income, without anti-pandemic entitlements, etc. Therefore, a planetary mass emancipation, and with it a certain liberation from the virus, must be oriented towards this one, small quasi-point of economic capital as abscence-metaphysical zero, which today on this planet mediately condenses all forms of domination and annihilation, waiting for its negative, quasi-infinite division by the world socialization of all hegemonies, centrisms and means (of all kinds of capital, of which there are innumerable). Without such a one, no mass emancipation is possible in all sections/differences/variables/capitals. With one, it is at least possible in all sections/differences/variables/capitals. A zero has potential, but remains totalitarian, if it is undivided and cannot move #BelowZero.

translated by deepl.

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