Afterword: Coercion and Historical Patterns of Motion

Why should human organisms and their cultural patterns of motion be fundamentally different than other natural patterns? Human bodies have the same fractal patterns in their heartbeats, breathing, eye movements, vascular systems, metabolisms, speech,1and nested brainwave frequencies.2 Much of human culture is also fractal, as I will show in a moment. This finding makes sense if wethink of humans as part of the broader tendency of matter to spread out and dissipate energy on Earth. But this is often not the starting point of much Euro-Western thought, which remains largely anthropocentric. Euro-Western thinking tends to treat human consciousness as the exception to the laws of nature. But culture and knowledge are not immaterial or ahistorical: Like everything else in the universe, they tend to spread out and diversify over time and space along fractal lines. Even–and perhaps especially so–when they are not trying to make fractal patterns.

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