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Returning to Revolution: Deleuze, Guattari, and Zapatismo

19 Mai , 2017  

We are witnessing today the return of a new theory and practice of revolution. This return, however, takes none of the traditional forms:the capture of the state, the political representation of the party, the centrality of the proletariat, or the leadership of the vanguard. Rather, given the failure of such ...

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Schlagen die Horden gegen die Tore Europas?

29 Jan , 2016  

Die Bewegung der Flüchtlinge und Migranten nach Europa ist keineswegs der Grund der gegenwärtigen Krise –  der Grund ist Europa selbst. Migration gilt heute – und das wird fortdauern – als Grund für alle möglichen Krisen, und das war so seit es menschliche Gesellschaften gibt. In der Tat, menschliche Massenbwegungen ...

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The Hordes Are Banging on the Gates of Europe?

29 Okt , 2015  

The recent increase in movement of refugees and migrants into Europe is not the cause of the current crisis – Europe is. Migration has occurred – and will continue – for all kinds of reasons, as it has since the beginning of human societies. Indeed, mass human movement is not ...

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“On Destroying What Destroys You”

10 Okt , 2015  

Thomas Nail is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Denver and author of The Figure of the Migrant (Stanford University Press, 2015) and Returning to Revolution: Deleuze, Guattari, and Zapatismo (Edinburgh University Press, 2012). His publications can be accessed at:

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