1 Vogelzwitschern
2 Hinterhof
3 cordon sanitaire (Stop beeing creative)
4 This is the Sound of Depression
5 This is the Sound of Negativism
6 Stadthonigbienenetat
7 Multiklasse, gestört
8 ASMRec.fieldburnout
9 Rumination
10 Die Waffen der Stille
11 Gewitte(R)
12 Nacht
13 EU-Stadion
14 Wiedergutwording - Wetterdatensonifikation
15 Café Germanoise
16 1, 2, 1234
17 Die Digitale Revolution läuft
18 Agenda 2020

Qui tacet consentire videtur et non videtur? "So far, there is no such 
genre like Germanoise". But we can not be sure about it, with the 
Agenda 2020. This is an album on asymptotics, depression and angst. 
As antinational approach in de-sounded structures, contra apocalyptic 
anthroposcenes of green ethic veganism. Can it be post-postindustrial, 
future Bach, a non-value listening? Distortions of image and acoustic 
are included as well as natura naturans, naturata and cultura–while 
considering ASMR and the needs for social stillness and privacy. Can 
"empowerment" an queer sonicism of the networked but disorganised take 
on? As psychology talks of its contrary (the burning for the job), a 
non-compliance takes place, which is no Bataillian anti-solution of 
course. The stomach rumbling maybe growling, a hard rain, a wide 
insurrection in France against the German dictation of low wages plus 
surplus work in a bastille of European economy. I will never leave 
the EU because I can't afford my cosmopolitan butterfly.

Recorded June 2016. Bended Boss Distortion, EWI5000, Tascam DR-100 
MKII, Audio Editor, Balcony, Autobahn etc. 


n0name 2016

taken from here

Foto: Bernhard Weber
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