Essays on Badiou, Ranciere, Benjamin & Adorno

In the gap [l’ecart] between the spaces of thought of
Alain Badiou and Jacques Rancière exists a topological invariant,
preserved under homeomorphic transformations of the Real—
the continuous deformation of R in the terms of objectifications,
the n-tuples of re-presentations, each coordinate counting
according to some relative center of gravity respective to it, that
is, an implicit Master who distributes the status quo by positive
category (inscribing places of the Real with predicates, roles
and functions). The topology is collective, as the Real constitutes
itself universally by the postulation of a single axiom as True:
the equality of everyone and anyone in the universal capacity
to contingently declare in a moment the subjectivization of
a singularity (the void that is devoid of all predicates or place
[lieu], really infinitely dense with the excess of a positively New
category of being).

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