Insurrectionary Foucault: Tiqqun, The Coming Insurrection, and Beyond

Some might want to dismiss The Coming Insurrection as a vulgar or extreme interpretation of Foucault, warped for highly politicized purposes. This paper challenges that position. In particular, through clarifying the theoretical influences of  The Coming Insurrection,
I challenge the current reception of Foucault`s recently published College de France lectures. It is my contention that Foucault has been tamed by many academics, especially by governmentality scholarships  uncritical rehearsal of state histories that intentionally omit insurrection. Texts like The Coming Insurrection are therefore, not only the extension of a hidden side of Foucault`s own work, but also provide a productive challenge to the all-too-safe reading of Foucault found in the American academy.
Foto: Bernhard Weber
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