Unshrinking the World

11 Feb , 2019  

An interview with sociologist and writer Avery F. Gordon about her book “The Hawthorn Archive: Letters from the Utopian Margins”

Avery F. Gordon’s “The Hawthorn Archive: Letters from the Utopian Margins” (2018) is an impressively kaleidoscopic and genre bending book based on Gordon’s more than two decades of research into ...

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The Digital Regime of Truth: From the Algorithmic Governmentality to a New Rule of Law

10 Okt , 2018  

This is caricature but we have left this idea of the actuarial reality behind for what I would call a ‘post-actuarial reality’ in which it is no longer about calculating probabilities but to account in advance for what escapes probability and thus the excess of the possible on the probable. ...

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Another Speculation? Michel Feher on Neoliberalism and Resistance

4 Okt , 2018  

In getting to grips with “neoliberalism”, a recommended first port of call is the published transcripts of Michel Foucault’s 1979 lecture series at the Collège de France titled The Birth of Biopolitics.[i] In those lectures Foucault demonstrated that the foundations of neoliberalism emerge from a critique of the ...

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The Deleuze Seminars

9 Sep , 2018  

“Foucault” was a 25-lecture seminar given from October 1985 to May 1986. In these lectures, Deleuze offers his interpretation and analysis of French philosopher Michel Foucault’s work. Examining the theoretical foundations and major themes of Foucault’s philosophy, Deleuze dedicates several lectures to each of what he calls the “three axes” ...

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Von der Gefährlichkeit zum Risiko: Auf dem Weg in eine post-disziplinäre Ordnung?

3 Sep , 2018  

In diesem Beitrag* möchte ich einige Gedanken über die präventiven Strategien der Sozialverwaltung vorlegen, die gegenwärtig, am ausgeprägtesten in den Vereinigten Staaten und in Frankreich, entwickelt werden und die in einer tiefgreifend erneuernden Weise von den Traditionen der Psychiatrie und der Sozialarbeit abzuweichen scheinen.

Um es am Anfang sehr schematisch ...

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Control, Modulation and Algebra of Evil in Burroughs and Deleuze

1 Sep , 2018  

According to Deleuze’s Pourparler the concept of “Control” can be ascribed to William Burroughs. Since the seventies, it is possible to trace a deep intellectual and political convergence between Deleuze and Bur- roughs. This has happened across three levels of analysis: control society, revolutionary communities and ...

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Violence at the Borders: Nomadic Solidarity and Non- Status Migrant Resistance

27 Mai , 2018  

Abstract: This paper argues that borders and violence against migrants no longer takes place exclusively at the geographical space between two sovereign territories. Instead border violence today has become much more normalized and diffused into society itself. An entire privatized industry now capitalizes on the cycle of transporting, incarcerating, hiring, ...

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Die Produktion von Delinquenz am Beispiel von Fußballfans

4 Mai , 2018  

… Michel Foucault hat in seinem wohl bekanntesten Werk „Überwachen und Strafen“ die These aufgestellt, dass das Gefängnissystem Delinquenz produziert und nicht etwa dazu dient Straftaten zu verhindern. Diese These besagt, dass das Gefängnis sich deshalb durchgesetzt hat, weil es als Institution den Mechanismen der Disziplinargesellschaft adäquat ist. Diese Arbeit ...

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The End of the Monarchy of Sex’: Sexuality and Contemporary Nihilism

2 Aug , 2017  


The hegemonic form of contemporary queer theory is dependent on a model of desire as autonomous and deregulated, derived from post ’68 French theory and particularly the work of Michel Foucault. Such a model is at risk of finding itself in congruence with a deregulated post-Fordist capitalism that recuperates


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Maria Mies, Silvia Federici, and Biopower

13 Jul , 2017  

In the 1970s, activists and intellectuals developed new modes of inquiry for understanding the administration, control, and punishment of human bodies, and the constitutive effects that these techniques had on our means of apprehending ourselves and communicating with others. While Michel Foucault’s work on biopolitics is a particularly celebrated example, ...

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Beyond Tactics and Strategy: Frankfurt´s New ECB and the Art of Skating

21 Jun , 2017  


Stefan Hölscher, Ph.D.
Beyond Tactics and Strategy: Frankfurt´s New ECB and the Art of Skating
Contribution to a round-table discussion
Performance Studies International (psi) 2017: Overflow, Kampnagel Hamburg


»To walk is to lack a place. It is the indefinite process of being absent and in search of a ...

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Insurrectionary Foucault: Tiqqun, The Coming Insurrection, and Beyond

28 Mrz , 2016  

Some might want to dismiss The Coming Insurrection as a vulgar or extreme interpretation of Foucault, warped for highly politicized purposes. This paper challenges that position. In particular, through clarifying the theoretical influences of  The Coming Insurrection,
I challenge the current reception of Foucault`s recently published College de France

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On Wendy Brown

16 Aug , 2015  

Wir verweisen hier auf McKenzie Warks Besprechung des neuen Buchs von Wendy Brown  Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism’s Stealth Revolution (Zone Books, New York 2015). Neben einer erneuten Diskussion um das Thema Informationskapitalismus und vektoriale Klasse, die auch dem deutschen Leser seit dem Hacker Manifesto bekannt sein dürfte, kreist McKenzie Wark ...

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Foucault und Ökonomie in-der-letzten-Instanz

16 Jul , 2015  

Kroker/Weinstein beschreiben schon 1996 in ihrem Buch Datenmüll präzise den neoliberalen Staat: „Mit dem Bunker Staat exkludiert der liberale Faschismus die Überschuß-Körper (Einwanderung), mit dem Austeritäts-Staat setzt er Schuldenreproduktion und hohe Arbeitslosigkeit ein, um den Arbeitsmarkt zu kontrollieren und soziale Programme zu minimieren, und mit dem Sicherheits-Staats unterwirft er Körper ...

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