Questions. Answers.

People have a lot of questions about digital media. I have answers.

Facial recognition technology — should be illegal.

NFTs & blockchain — stupid wasteful tech. pull the plug.

Facebook and Twitter — nationalize them. end data harvesting. block all advertising.

Javascript — awful i avoid it like the plague. alas, one of the most successful languages in the history of computing.

Jeff Bezos et al — expropriate 100% of tech billionaire wealth. they all go to zero. maybe give them a ribbon like at the end of Wizard of Oz.

self-driving cars — stupid wasteful tech. will increase carbon emissions and immiserate countless workers.

Uber and gig economy — shut them all down. replace Uber with a living wage and full unionization.

HTML 5 and CSS — psychotic. if you can code this schizo tech you are a God.

shaders — also psychotic. but in a good way.

AI and machine learning — just a fancy way to calculate an average. based on pilfered human labor and data. a total scam.

The Cloud — a bad metaphor for a server farm.. which is a bad metaphor for a computer.. which is a bad metaphor for a female secretary.. which is (etc etc)

Swift — apple did two smart things. switching to unix. and killing obj-c.

Hades — pretty good game actually!

taken from here

Foto: Sylvia John

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