Are we all Corbynistas now?

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And elections remain, as they did in Mai 68, ‘a trap for fools’ – that is when we are actually out on the streets in great numbers, when things are actually kicking off, one way the system will defend itself is to demand everyone go home and to the ballot box to defuse and control our power. Parliament shouldn’t be our focus. There are other places to be: spaces we actually live our lives in. We can attempt to increase our collective power within them, circulate experiences of struggle and demystify the social order. Most of the time parliamentary politics should be left to the idiots and arseholes that flock to it.

As Badiou (2017)  writes:

Getting hysterical about election results, in a both depressing and declamatory fashion, is not only useless, but harmful. It is to take a position on enemy terrain, helpless and with no solution. We must become indifferent to elections, which at most correspond to a purely tactical choice between abstaining from playing in this “democratic” fiction, or else supporting this or that competitor for conjunctural reasons, which we define precisely within the framework of communist politics, otherwise foreign to the rituals of state power.

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