Destituent Power: An Incomplete Timeline

4 Nov , 2020  

taken from destituencies

A Note For the Reader

A proper genealogy of the destitution thesis has yet to be written. The names, dates, and texts that follow are necessarily incomplete. This is because the very nature of destitution is something that interrupts. It robs assumed modes of power of their ...

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How it Might Should be Done

17 Aug , 2020  

taken from illwill editions

The following is a transcript of a talk delivered in Seattle on July 20, 2020, lightly-edited by the author for readability. A video recording produced by Red May is online here.  * * * * *

I want to begin with a shout-out to what happened ...

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The Discreet Charm of Coronavirus

22 Mai , 2020  

taken from positions politics

I saw the sun
Born from a great silence
I saw the sun burning towards a great death
I have walked above many deaths and much silence
But I cannot describe the sun
Too late to its waning
Too early to its setting
In a moment ...

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Von der Reife der Zeit

2 Mai , 2020  

… Niemand weiß, wann eine Situation eine revolutionäre Situation ist. Lieber einmal zu schnell auf sie setzen, anstatt sie zu verpassen. Nicht der revolutionäre Kampf und seine Folgen, sondern das Verpassen einer historischen Möglichkeit wäre das Trauma…

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Epidemics and Revolution (pt. I): The Cholera Riots, 1830-1831

20 Mrz , 2020  

The progress of the disease across Europe in the early 1830s was marked by a string of riots and disturbances in almost every country it affected. Popular opinion did not accept that cholera was a hitherto unknown disease, but considered instead that an attempt was being made to reduce the ...

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Über Entfremdung, die Situationisten und die alltägliche Revolution

19 Sep , 2019  

In diesem seltenen Interview äußert sich der ehemalige Situationist Raoul Vaneigem über die Revolte der Gilets Jaunes, den technischen Fortschritt und das Versagen des Intellektualismus. Es ist zuerst im englischen im ROAR Magazine erschienen.

Der in Belgien geborene Schriftsteller, Gelehrte und Theoretiker Raoul Vaneigem (*1934) ist am bekanntesten als Autor ...

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Edmund Berger: On Art and Revolutionary Transformation in the Age of Blockchain

25 Jul , 2019  

…measured against the conditions of the present, communism itself embodies the most alien of all possible futures.

—Edmund Berger

Edmund Berger author of Uncertain Futures: An Assessment of the Conditions of the Present (see my review) has for years done his homework in uncovering the historical traces of the Marxist ...

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Documentation, PhiloFiction

The Revolutionary Disaster / The Disaster of Revolution

2 Mrz , 2019  

Our world is awash with disaster. The cheapest explanation would be to dismiss it all as wish fulfillment. That account takes the apocalypse to be the
playing out of impossible fantasies. On the one hand, it delivers the satisfaction of revenge, entitlement, or wickedness without forcing one to face the ...



The Reality Of Destitution is the Destitution of Reality: Notes for a Genealogy of Destituent Power

22 Dez , 2018  

[ What follows is a draft of a longer essay yet to be written on the genealogy of destituent power covering Bataille, Blanchot, and Tronti, as well as Agamben and the Invisible Committee ]]

During the 1970s, in Europe, a disenchanted but not hopeless generation came to the fore to ...

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Mashines, NonPolitics

How Many Breakdowns For Every Breakthrough?

16 Dez , 2018  

Ultimately, one escapes from the structuralist impasse by recognizing that an effect of meaning only has repercussions at the level of the signified in so far as potentialities of subjective action are liberated, once there is a breach in the signifier…The machinic breakthrough, waiting, masked by the structure, is the ...

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Ordnung herrscht in Berlin? – Rosa Luxemburg heute

13 Dez , 2018  

Der bewaffnete Aufstand, schrieb Lenin, sei eine Kunst. Sie besteht
darin, dem, was sich sponte, von selbst ereignet, in jenem Augenblick eine
Wendung, eine Richtung zu geben, in dem das Kontinuum reißt. Diese Kunst  besteht darin, der Virtualität des Ereignisses Aktualität zu verleihen, indem sie den Sprung der Frühe riskiert… ...

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Documentation, NonPolitics


25 Mai , 2018  

This essay is a meditation of the problems of passing on the memory of radical events to forthcoming generations and the problem of making memory common. As the first generation of the twenty-first century comes of age amid multiple overlapping systemic

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