De-Assembling the Deterritorialized Cyborg

4 Dez , 2020  

Designed to accelerate capitalism, logistics is key to maintaining the Western phantasm that ‘capitalism is an intelligent computer’ and to concealing the labor of those whose hands sustain its ‘operating system.’ In this SILENT WORKS interview Magdalena Taube and Krystian Woznicki talk to political geographer Evelina Gambino about how logistical ...

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Cars, Riots, & Black Liberation: #Philadelphia’s Walter Wallace Rebellion

18 Nov , 2020  

Originally published by Mute. Written by Shemon and Arturo. Image above: ‘Looting rampant’ in Philly.

Glass shatters. Thick plumes of dark black smoke pour out of a burning police car stalled in the middle of 52nd street. Another black man shot dead by the police. Another rebellion in defense of basic human dignity.  ‘Sir, ...

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A reflection on Giorgio Agamben’s work, The Highest Poverty, or on the “way of poverty” against the “way of wealth or enrichment

14 Nov , 2020  

The Poor Way

We will pay tribute to the great Italian thinker Giorgio Agamben, the anti-Badiou par excellence.
And we will, in particular, try to illustrate one of the last books of the Homo Sacer series:
The Highest Poverty: Monastic Rules and Forms-of-Life. Homo Sacer IV, 1 (2011).
This book ...

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Covid-19: An invisible agent of catastrophe

11 Nov , 2020  

Autonomies share here a very free and partial translation (interspersed with paraphrases and summaries) of Donatella Di Ceasare’s essay, Virus Sovrano? L’Asfissia Capitalistica (Bollati Boringhieri Editore, 2020).

A forthcoming English language edition is to be published by MIT Press in the Semiotext(e)/Intervention Series, under the title Immunodemocracy: Capitalist Asphyxia and ...

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Neopopulism as a Problem: Between Geopolitics and Class Struggle*

31 Okt , 2020  

The English translation of the article first appeared on PPPR

Riots are born not because of little things but out of little things

Aristotle, Politics, V

Tackling the theme of neopopulism – a term that will be justified in the exposition – means to face off against ...

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Why America Won’t Be ‘Great’ Again

24 Okt , 2020  

Like Britain, the rise and fall of the American Empire is written in the language of energy. But unlike Britain, which declined as rapidly as it rose, the American rise and fall is less spectacular (at least so far).

Before getting to the data, I’ll point out an important ...

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Massumi’s Matheme

22 Okt , 2020  

In the past I’ve written on how to spot digital philosophers. But let’s name names. Who exactly do we mean? Digital philosophers are many: Democritus, Leibniz, Konrad Zuse, Wittgenstein (in the Tractatus but later he inverts), Edward Fredkin, Stephen Wolfram, and many others.

Analog philosophers are also observable in the wild. Deleuze ...

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Iran: “There Is an Infinite Amount of Hope… but Not for Us”

10 Okt , 2020  

An Interview Discussing the Pandemic, Economic Crisis, Repression, and Resistance in Iran

All around the world, as the compromises that stabilized capitalism through the 20th century collapse, people are facing increasingly authoritarian measures from governments of all stripes. In this context, it is essential for social movements in different settings ...

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In the Eye of the Storm: A Report from #Kenosha

24 Sep , 2020  

Report from Hard Crackers on the Kenosha uprising on the first several days of the uprising following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Originally published by Hard Crackers on September 7, 2020.

What’s so simple in the moonlight by the morning never is.

Bright Eyes

The night of the shooting, bands of ...

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Nothing is as Deceptive as the Situation… Because Nothing is so Changeable

23 Jul , 2020  

1. The anti-police uprising that came as a response to the murder of George Floyd has been widely covered and has inspired similar protests in many countries. In your opinion, are there any signs that it can have sustainable effects on American politics? And if so, what are the nature ...

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The contagion of revolt spreads…Revolts everywhere!

4 Jul , 2020  

Here is the english version of the latest text published by Proletarios Internacionalistas about the revolts happening around the world in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, putting the global state of alarm into question by fighting back against the brutal repression and crushing economic measures which have been imposed. ...

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Theses on the George Floyd Rebellion

27 Jun , 2020  

taken from ill will editions

“The working class in every country lives its own life, makes its own experiences, seeking always to create forms and realize values which originate directly from its organic opposition to official society.”

—CLR James, Grace Lee Boggs, and Cornelius Castoriadis, “Facing Reality”

1. The George ...

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