Post by: Kilian Jörg


Wasting our selves for the environment

7 Mai , 2020  

Our planet is increasingly becoming wasted, we are more and more frequently getting wasted – what is happening ? In this short text, I want to speculate on how rave culture could contribute to a more sustainable form of relating to this wasted planet in the so called Anthropocene. By dumping ...

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Crowned Death – On good living and dying in times of Corona

18 Apr , 2020  


In this paper, I want to question the role of death in our culture and how its disavowed status plays into the current handling of the Corona crisis. The subject of this paper does not question the current – and unprecedented – restrictions per se, but wants to investigate ...

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Ecological Art and the Resilience of Modernism

27 Jul , 2017  

“Ecological Art is a worldwide art movement, the philosophy of which is based on ecological awareness, the harmonic coexistance of human beings and nature. It is a revitalizing movement in terms of materials used in works of art, which are in many cases, recycled and natural at the same time. ...

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