Outline of Non-Maoism

Axiomatic (non-)positing of the Real – The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history.

Philosophical invariant – The Party (and the Party-State) exhibit the auto-positional structure of Philosophy-World-Capital. 

Transcendental science-pragmatics – the non-Maoist non-party as clone of the (Maoist) Party. 

The Party is a circular and auto-positional structure. Too often it speaks to the masses only to speak for them and in their place. It incorporates them into its dogmas and its jargon, and acts with them only to delimit the confines and determinations of their own action. It is a reflective echo chamber that desires to synthetically determine the masses‘ Being. Non-maoism, however, is the non-circular cloning of the Maoist mass line (“from the masses, to the masses”), the radicalization of the Maoist “solution” to this problem. The non-maoist non-party is a ‚party of a new type.‘

The non-maoist non-party must become a clone of the Party, radically determined-in-the-last-instance by the masses, such that ‘from the masses, to the masses’ is a unifacial, non-circular, and non-reciprocal relation: i.e a unilateral dulaity. The non-party is a fusion with the masses, but only ‘according to’ or ‘from’ them.

However, this fusion is nothing but the rigor of its organization. In order to clone the Party and  effectuate the non-party by determination-in-the-last-instance by the masses, the general axiomatic form of non-philosophy (and non-marxism) is required. We must effectively isolate the invariant auto-positional structure of the Party, allow the masses to be given-without-givenness (in-struggle), and effectuate a transcendental cloning through those ‚theorems‘ that utilize the materials of the Party. Such ‚theorems‘ are organizational forms and strategies of intervention, determined by an inconsistent, unpredictable, wave-like Real. The non-party is a rigorous and inventive form of organization, without the reflective over-determination of the Party bureaucracy. The non-Maoist non-party practices ’self-criticism‘ as the necessary resumption of cloning when it is a question of maintaining the rigor of non-Maoist mass line and the masses‘ generic truth.  Being indifferent to the material it takes from the World, the practice of the non-party proceeds on every front. It is cultural revolution.

Indeed, the auto-positional and Decisional form of the Party which must be cloned is homologous to the auto-positional structure of Capitalism. This is the problem of revisionism, the fact that the party ideologically reproduces capitalism, even while asserting a communist ‚content.‘ Undoing the decisional structure of the Party allows the effective undoing of capitalism and its pervasive ideologies, in practice. The clone which the non-party is simultaneously subtracts from the Party and from Capitalism.  The non-party is however thoroughly immanent to both, for it proceeds from their Real materiality – the masses. The non-party is the possibility of – or is – the organized communist movement.


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