Deconstruction and Non-Philosophy

21 Sep , 2020  

In order to determine the characteristics of non-philosophy, we frame it in opposition to an image of an established paradigm: Deconstruction (as suggested by Jean-Luc Nancy in La deconstruction du christianisme).1 We comment on this image, we add to it, we transform it. It is a simple image of Deconstruction, ...

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Between Philosophy and Non-Philosophy

20 Sep , 2020  

Rendering Marxism Real and Intelligible 

Marxism may have “lacked” the Real and tied its fate to the history-world. It may have consequently lacked the theory according-to-the-Real of this history-world. These are not just some “observations,” but a new style of theoretical hypotheses. They assume a “program” as much as they ...

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Non-Marxist Critique of Capital, Philosophy and Patriarchy

3 Sep , 2020  

The physical and the automaton, introducing the radical dyad of the non-human By abandoning the principle of philosophical sufficiency in the analysis of the dialectics between thought and the real, following Laruelle and Marx, we arrive at the determination in the last instance of what philosophy calls the “human.” In ...

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Laruelle und die generischen Wissenschaften

6 Jul , 2020  

Laruelle strebt eine nicht-philosophische oder generische Maschine an, die eine ihrer Suffizienz geraubten Philosophie (ohne umfassende Transzendentalität) mit einer ihres mathemathischen Apparats geraubten Quantenphysik (ohne Kalkulation) verbindet. Die Herausdrehung der Nicht-Standard-Philosophie aus der Philosophie und der Nicht-Philosophie mündet für Laruelle in der generischen Wissenschaft, die selbst eine Methode zu entwickeln ...

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3 Jul , 2020  

F. Laruelle. “Programme.” La Décision philosophique 1 (1987): 5-43.


translated by Taylor Adkins 7/2/20

  1. A science for philosophy

Let’s suppose that we will formulate a project and that it will be necessary to exposit a program, this would be the manifesto: don’t do like philosophers, invent philosophy! Radically change ...

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“Rebellious postulations”: from Beyond the Power Principle

26 Jun , 2020  

by François Laruelle
translated from the French by Jeremy R. Smith

this piece first appeared in Barricade: A Journal of Antifascism and Translation

A materialist politics of meaning1 [sens]
1. There are at least two means of making a politics of meaning. A dominant means, which proceeds by ...

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Laruelle’s “Badiou and Non-Philosophy: a Parallel”

14 Jun , 2020  

         I. Everything seems to force the opposition between non-philosophy and the philosophy that takes the equation mathematics=ontology as its ontological base. This opposition can be identified on four levels:

            1. The central and guiding theme: on the one hand, a philosophy of the radical Multiple (Badiou=B.); on the ...

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NON – Ultrablack Resistance

30 Apr , 2020  

The formal structures of time collapse, regress to mud, and
space is pushed back and forth until it bends to be trampled by the
pulsations of alien music, while the thinking space becomes seasick:
this is the disruption as it can be experienced when ultrablackness
hits you. When the all-consuming, ...

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The Paucity of Digital Theory

11 Apr , 2020  

A provocation: theories of the digital have generated very little digital theory. What do I mean? And why is this the case? First, one must separate the form of digital theory from the kinds of objects it wants to study. Thus a digital theory may make a claim about a digital object. ...

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Axioms/Theorems for a New (Non)-Policy of the Black Block – Becoming Invisible (Deleuze/Guattari) and/or (Non)-Policy (Laruelle)?

12 Dez , 2019  

McKenzie Wark writes in his current contribution to the new text of the Invisible Committee “To Our Friends” that the state has produced the anarchist Black Block as the negative subject of the state itself. If we assume that today capital launches subjectivities as the auto industry launches new collections ...

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The End of Dialectics

4 Nov , 2019  

There is a continuous insistence in philosophy on the illusion that the problem of the relationship between theory and practice can be thought of in terms of an original disjunction and a possible synthesis (the differential positions remain, but are constantly both traversed or synthesized). The monistic-plural thinking of a ...

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What is determination in the last instance? (20 points)

31 Okt , 2019  

) For Laruelle, philosophy always revolves around dualities or differences, being – other, theory – practice, ontic-ontological, etc.

2) Laruelle leaves this terrain to fully invest his thinking power in the solutions of the One’s problem, or more precisely to develop an irreversible thinking in one or according to the ...

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