Axioms/Theorems for a New (Non)-Policy of the Black Block – Becoming Invisible (Deleuze/Guattari) and/or (Non)-Policy (Laruelle)?

12 Dez , 2019  

McKenzie Wark writes in his current contribution to the new text of the Invisible Committee “To Our Friends” that the state has produced the anarchist Black Block as the negative subject of the state itself. If we assume that today capital launches subjectivities as the auto industry launches new collections ...

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The End of Dialectics

4 Nov , 2019  

There is a continuous insistence in philosophy on the illusion that the problem of the relationship between theory and practice can be thought of in terms of an original disjunction and a possible synthesis (the differential positions remain, but are constantly both traversed or synthesized). The monistic-plural thinking of a ...

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What is determination in the last instance? (20 points)

31 Okt , 2019  

) For Laruelle, philosophy always revolves around dualities or differences, being – other, theory – practice, ontic-ontological, etc.

2) Laruelle leaves this terrain to fully invest his thinking power in the solutions of the One’s problem, or more precisely to develop an irreversible thinking in one or according to the ...

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For a New Leftist Policy of Subtraction – Adorno – Dark Deleuze – Laruelle (1)

11 Okt , 2019  

The hegemonically important discourses are currently taking place between neoliberal positions propagating the national market as a location in international competition and thus free trade, mobility for capital and a limited immigration of labour, and between the racist New Right, which fears for the sovereignty of the state and propagates ...

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Laruelle and Capital

25 Sep , 2019  

Each statement of non-Marxism aims at a double methodization, either as axiom or as theorem, the latter remaining entirely related to the Marxist material, which is always different symptomatologies. The specific operations of non-Marxism should also produce new theoretical objects, be they specified circumstances or concepts such as “non-proletariat” or ...

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Laruelle: The One, The Real

14 Sep , 2019  

Laruelle tries to liberate the real and the one – terms he mostly uses as synonyms – from any determination by philosophical being. If the One is not a synonym for being, it cannot be realized in it either. The One should also not be equated with existence, it is ...

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Laruelle, the myths of and about Marxism

11 Sep , 2019  

Marx has often spoken of the dwarfish and narrow-minded idea of the German petty bourgeois. Without a doubt, this also applies today to the remaining stocks of German left-wing academics and their Marx reading, as one could see again on the occasion of this year’s Marx Party. There is swaggering, ...

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Quantum Marxism/Non-Laruelle

6 Sep , 2019  

Laruelle calls for a Marxist gnosis in his essay Marx with Planck and consequently calls himself not a Marxist, but a future-oriented Marxist in search of an aleatoric teleology that has no connection with what Marxist philosophy has hitherto set as the measure and method for Marxism. Laruelle thus in ...

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Light Manifesto: Non-Philosophy and Meteophilosophy

29 Aug , 2019  

Deleuze’s speculative suggestion on the dark precursor is not a
neutral “creative” cooperation with science that his “hybrid”
projects of geophilosophy, schizoanalysis, and so on, were. The
dark precursor is mentioned once in Difference and Repetition as a
notion of a “vaguely scientific” discipline, and there was no broad ...

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Nicht-Musikologie (Zweite Generalisierung der Einsprüche)/ (Ultrablack of Music 10)

17 Jan , 2019  

Laruelle würde Deleuze & Guattaris Art und Weise die Musik zu behandeln, nämlich als das Einfangen von Affekten und Perzepten, wohl ablehnen, um stattdessen eine autonome theoretische Ordnung der Nicht-Musik einzufordern, die einem nicht-wissenschaftlichen Denken gemäß der radikalen Immanenz des Realen entspricht. Das Reale ist weder als Sein noch als ...

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Laruelle, Art, and the Scientific Model

24 Nov , 2018  

I want to begin by briefly considering Francois Laruelle’s Non-philosophy project alongside the philosophy of Louis Althusser, in order that some of the consequences for an ‘aesthetics of the generic’ (or what for Laruelle would be a Non-aesthetics) might be made intelligible for artistic practice, and also because it will ...

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Laruelle – Against the Digital (pdf)

21 Nov , 2018  

Channel that great saint of radical blackness, Toussaint Louverture, and return to the Haitian Constitution of 1804, which stated that all citizens will be called black regardless of color. Such blanket totality of black, such cataclysm of human color, renders color invalid and denies the endless dynamics of black-as-white or ...

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The Truth According to Hermes: Theorems on the Secret and Communication

19 Nov , 2018  

The secret does not need communication in order to be what it is, to be known and to be an “object” of a rigorous science. But communication needs the secret in order to be what it is. Between the secret and communication there only exist determinative relationships that are unilateral, ...

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Das transklassisch Maschinelle (G. Anders, H.D. Bahr, F. Neyrat, G. Simondon)

10 Okt , 2018  

Folgt man der Theorie über die technischen Objekte, wie sie der französische Theoretiker Gilbert Simondon (Simondon 2012) entwickelt hat, und daran anschließend den Aussagen Frédéric Neyrats im Sammelband Die technologische Bedingung (Hörl 2011), so gilt es für die heutigen hyper-technisierten Gesellschaften die je schon gestörte Identität von Natur und Technik ...

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Mashines, PhiloFiction

Laruelle und das Wesen der Technik

11 Jul , 2018  

Für Laruelle muss hinsichtlich der Beurteilung der Technikwissenschaften eine erste Unterscheidung vorgenommen werden, nämlich die zwischen Technik und Technologie. Unter Technik versteht Laruelle im weitesten Sinne das von Simondon in seinen Schriften aufgeworfene technische Objekt, das der Wissenschaft zur Analyse dient, während der Begriff der Technologie der Ordnung des Diskurses ...

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Call for Papers for the Inaugural Issue: “The End Times”

27 Jun , 2018  

Oraxiom: A Journal of Non-Philosophy

The apocalypse is disappointing.
—Maurice Blanchot, 1964

Another end of the world is possible.
—Anonymous graffiti, 2016

If for Marx, humanity’s species-being was the ability to transform its conditions of existence, now in times of the discursive ‘end of the world,’ the defining impulse of ...

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Laruelle, die Mythen des und über den Marxismus

4 Jun , 2018  

Marx hat des Öfteren von der zwergenhaften und bornierten Vorstellung des deutschen Kleinbürgers gesprochen. Dies trifft ohne Zweifel auch heute auf die Restbestände deutscher linker Akademiker und ihre Marx-Lektüre zu, wie man anlässlich der diesjährigen Marx-Party wieder feststellen konnte. Da wird schwadroniert, als gäbe es ausländische Marxisten wie etwa Milios, ...

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Der Begriff der Infrastruktur bei Laruelle

24 Mai , 2018  

Die Vielzahl der Probleme, die der Marxismus dem Nicht-Marxismus aufgibt, betreffen weniger die Programme, die Texte oder die Intentionen, sondern sie konzentrieren sich auf den Gebrauch eines theoretischen Stils. (Ebd.: 63ff.) Laruelle definiert den nicht-marxistischen Stil als eine theoretische Sprache, die gemäß der radikalen Identität determiniert ist – Identität, die ...

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6 Mai , 2018  

Laruelle, François. Nietzsche contre Heidegger. Payot: Paris, 1977, p. 9-20.

Translated by Taylor Adkins


Thesis 1: Nietzsche is the revolutionary thinker who corresponds to the era of Imperialism in Capitalism, and more specifically to the era of Fascism in Imperialism.

Thesis 2: Nietzsche is, ...

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Das Ende der Dialektik

3 Mrz , 2018  

Es lässt sich in der Philosophie ein kontinuierliches Beharren auf der Illusion feststellen, das Problem des Verhältnisses zwischen Theorie und Praxis in den Begriffen einer originären Disjunktion und einer möglichen Synthesis denken zu können (die differenziellen Positionen bleiben erhalten, werden aber ständig beide durchlaufen oder synthetisiert). Das monistisch-plurale Denken eines ...

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Derivat und Differenz. Zum Strategem der différance bei Derrida

1 Mrz , 2018  

Es geht bei den Derivaten immer auch um eine in der Zeit verschobene und sich verschiebende Differenzialität, wobei man diese mit Derridas Strategem der »différance«, das er in seiner Schrift Randgänge der Philosophie vorgestellt hat, umschreiben kann. (Derrida 1976: 6ff.) Für Derrida kombiniert das Strategem der différance je schon die ...

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Documentation, NonMusic

Non-Musicology (from) Rhythm

25 Feb , 2018  

A sequence of non-musicological praxis corresponding to phases of Non-musicology:

Marked by a rebellious apprenticeship in experimental music, the first period of non-musicological praxis is not thoroughly non-musical. Throughout Musicology ?, terribly uncreative secondary works of experimental music were composed.

The unexpected discovery of ‘The Principle of Musical Sufficiency’ occurred ...

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Homo ex Machina – How One Becomes Machine-Man

9 Feb , 2018  

We ordinarily recognize a single machine-Man1 tradition. But there are two, perhaps three; they appear the moment when the grouping of the objects of knowledge and history of ideas to which philosophy is accustomed is substituted for another grouping, that of the eras of power or techno-political modes of production ...

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