Viral Life in the Alienocene

15 Jun , 2020  

The experience of COVID-19 is a different kind of upheaval. If we were living in the Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Plantationocene or Chthulucenebefore much of the world shuttered, we are living in the Alienocene now, with no words sufficient to describe the tragedies unfolding on so many levels at once. As social ...

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Alienocene – Stratum 6 (out)

24 Dez , 2019  

Our task is not to draw a sharp mental line between past and future but to complete the thought of the past.
– Marx to Ruge, September 1843

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Alienocene – Stratum2

22 Jun , 2018  

I am convinced that memory has a gravitational force.

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GenericScience, NonMusic, PhiloFiction

Alienocene, the Journal of the First Outernational.

2 Apr , 2018  



Alienocene, first announcement:

Theoretical, artistic, political, and scientific, Alienocene is an electronic journal that gathers texts, sounds, and images seeking to reshape the relation between the human and the inhuman, the terrestrial and the extraterrestrial, the near and the distant, what is familiar to us


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