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Cars, Riots, & Black Liberation: #Philadelphia’s Walter Wallace Rebellion

18 Nov , 2020  

Originally published by Mute. Written by Shemon and Arturo. Image above: ‘Looting rampant’ in Philly.

Glass shatters. Thick plumes of dark black smoke pour out of a burning police car stalled in the middle of 52nd street. Another black man shot dead by the police. Another rebellion in defense of basic human dignity.  ‘Sir, ...

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Prelude to a New Civil War

10 Nov , 2020  

It was the proletarian general strike of the ex-slaves that truly put the final nail in the coffin of slavery. It is precisely this lineage of an emancipatory, liberatory, but nonetheless violent, civil war that needs to be updated for its second coming. 

—Idris Robinson, “How It Might Should Be ...

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In the Eye of the Storm: A Report from #Kenosha

24 Sep , 2020  

Report from Hard Crackers on the Kenosha uprising on the first several days of the uprising following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Originally published by Hard Crackers on September 7, 2020.

What’s so simple in the moonlight by the morning never is.

Bright Eyes

The night of the shooting, bands of ...

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As Free as Blackness Will Make Them / Interview with Frank B. Wilderson III

13 Sep , 2020  

The following interview was conducted August 20, 2020 by Gerardo Munoz and Ángel Octavio Álvarez Solis on Radio Ibero in Mexico City. Transcribed by Ill Will Editions, with light edits for readability.  * * * * * 

Gerardo Munoz: You say that Afropessimism as a method or critical intervention thematizes ...



Connegactive-Approaches, to the Production of Vibrational Matter

9 Sep , 2020  

It must be taken into consideration that Earth is an assemblage; in isolation it is in a continuous becoming-toward-death. It is only through a becoming-toward-knowledge in which an entering into unheard expressive territories unveils a tuning-bridge to the plane of duality comprehension. It is necessary that any body in attempt ...

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The Return of John Brown: White Race-Traitors in the 2020 Uprising

6 Sep , 2020  

taken from Ill Will

Theses on the White Proletariat
  1. White people, like all people, are divided by politics and class. These divisions were revealed through the recent uprisings, which showed us that there are whites who are willing to go the distance, and there are whites who are willing to

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How it Might Should be Done

17 Aug , 2020  

taken from illwill editions

The following is a transcript of a talk delivered in Seattle on July 20, 2020, lightly-edited by the author for readability. A video recording produced by Red May is online here.  * * * * *

I want to begin with a shout-out to what happened ...

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Theses on the George Floyd Rebellion

27 Jun , 2020  

taken from ill will editions

“The working class in every country lives its own life, makes its own experiences, seeking always to create forms and realize values which originate directly from its organic opposition to official society.”

—CLR James, Grace Lee Boggs, and Cornelius Castoriadis, “Facing Reality”

1. The George ...

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Minneapolis: Now This Fight Has Two Side

28 Mai , 2020  

Minneapolis: Now This Fight Has Two Sides What the Riots Mean for the COVID-19 Era

The demonstrations this week in Minneapolis mark a historic watershed in the COVID-19 era. As we argued in March, there are some things that are worth risking death for. Perpetuating capitalism is not one of ...

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Sound of the Abyss

31 Jan , 2020  

And from here we move yet another step, to a third type of sound. As one of the NASA scientists notes, in order to have enough galaxies in the universe to produce this sound, ‘you’d have to pack them into the universe like sardines […] There wouldn’t be any space ...

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6 Jan , 2020  

Laruelle often talks about the black universe and that philosophy is not dark enough. But what is black? Is black a colour and if so, can we see it?

Reza Negarestani has provided a mix of theory and fiction in his book Cyclonopedia, where he portrays the earth as a ...

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Mille Plateaux: The Ultrablackness of Clicks & Cuts

29 Nov , 2018  

Clicks & Cuts

With Deleuze or Boulez we can speak of rhythm in terms of non-periodic clicked music. There is a transversal disjunction, which is articulated in the track intern and in relation to other tracks, and this achievs the transition of „Clicks and Cuts“. Transversality is originally a topological ...

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