Figures of the migrant: Structure and resistance

14 Sep , 2018  

More specifically, however, the primary confusion here is that I included denationalized  refugees in the category of the proletariat when in fact many, but not all, of these refugees did not work. While many worked illegally, there were and are today many refugees who would like to work but cannot ...

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10 Jul , 2018  

Fanon’s significance to the present moment seems to me to hinge in large part on his identification of the lumpenproletariat as revolutionary subject, an identification that was anathema then (and largely remains so now) to traditional Marxism. Surely all remember Marx’s magnificent litany in the Eighteenth Brumaire of “vagabonds, discharged ...

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Alienocene, the Journal of the First Outernational.

2 Apr , 2018  



Alienocene, first announcement:

Theoretical, artistic, political, and scientific, Alienocene is an electronic journal that gathers texts, sounds, and images seeking to reshape the relation between the human and the inhuman, the terrestrial and the extraterrestrial, the near and the distant, what is familiar to us


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Thomas Ligotti: Dark Phenomenology and Abstract Horror

23 Mrz , 2018  

Of course, mystery actually requires a measure of the concrete if it is to be perceived at all; otherwise it is only a void, the void. The thinnest mixture of this mortar, I suppose, is contained in that most basic source of mystery—darkness.

-Thomas Ligotti

Dark Phenonmenology and the Daemonic ...

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28 Feb , 2018  

Thomas Dekeyser: I read your book Dark Deleuze as a two-fold intervention: into Deleuzian scholarship and into radical political thought. I would like to first hone in on the former. You suggest the majority of Deleuzian scholarship has been overwhelmed by a ”canon of joy” that “celebrates Deleuze as ...

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Not Dark Enough

1 Mai , 2017  

Aesthetics is a recurring theme in Laruelle’s work. He has written two short books on photography and has several essays on art and related topics, including texts on color, light, seeing, drawing, dance, music, and technology. But what is technology, and what is technology’s relation to art?

Laruelle’s position on


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The Ultrablack of Music/Lesung

30 Mrz , 2017  

Siks, Frankfurt: Donnerstag 6.4., ab 19:00 Uhr

Siks: here

The Ultrablack of Music

In einem parcours de force durchschreitet Achim Szepanski in dem kurzen Text “Ultrablackness in der Musik. Eine Non-Remixologie” Aspekte der elektronischen Musik bei Deleuze/Guattari und François Laruelle, fragt nach den Verbindungen und Verschiebungen zwischen Noise und Rhythmus  ...

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Black Accelerationism

28 Jan , 2017  

“Sensory language leaves us with no habit for lying. We are hostile aliens, immune from dying.”The Spaceape

If accelerationism has a key idea, it is that it is either impossible or undesirable to resist or negate the development of the commodity economy coupled with technology. Rather, it has ...

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Badious “Black”. Die Brillianz einer Nicht-Farbe. (1)

31 Okt , 2016  

In der Tat hat Badious neues Buch Black. The Brilliance of a non-color, das 21 Aphorismen zum „Thema“ Schwarz enthält, etwas von der persönlichen Philosophie eines Maurice Blanchot. Während aber Blanchot vom schwarzen Licht spricht, das – paradox genug – gleich einer Nacht ist, die von unten kommt, oder ...


Gosse, Necropolitics

Blackness in Zeiten, in denen jeder das Ende der Welt in der Hand haben will.

16 Okt , 2016  

Version 1

Black Dada antwortet mit Grausamkeit. Entwickelt einen Geschmack für die Destruktion. Geschmack an der Destruktion einer Welt, die im Nanosekundenbereich heißgelaufen ist. Einer Welt, die mal wieder ihre Kriege hat. Manche Städte werden von Kampfflugzeugen bombardiert, andere von Kunstmessen angegriffen. Der alternative Künstler schwärmt von rhizomatischen Gärten, der ...

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10 Okt , 2016  

Silver Series Super Dada Dada ShowDada Photo: Wilhelm Reich als Kind um 1900LYDIA LUNCH & WEASEL WALTER // THE LIVING DEADS // MONA D // KAI SÖLTNER

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13 Sep , 2016  

Laruelle spricht häufig vom schwarzen Universum und davon, dass die Philosophie nicht dunkel genug sei. Aber was ist schwarz? Ist schwarz eine Farbe und wenn ja, können wir sie sehen?

Reza Negarestani hat in seinem Buch Cyclonopedia einen Mix aus Theorie und Fiction geliefert, wobei er die Erde als eine ...

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Afro-pessimism as Aesthetic Blackness? [Putting the Pessimism in Afro-Pessimism]

8 Jan , 2016  

On the occasion of Achille Mbembe’s new preface to the African reprint of On the Postcolony by Wits University Press.

Mbembe: Critique is witnessing as well as endless vigilance, interrogation and anticipation. A proper ­critique requires us first to dwell in the chaos of the night in order precisely to ...

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