If There Is to Be a Democratic Europe

3 Jan , 2018  

This rare interview with Cornelius Castoriadis was made by the ACTA Foundation (Fundació per a les idees i les arts) and appeared for first time in the book “Europes:  Els Intellectuals i la Qüestió Europea” (1993), pp. 343-48. It was translated in English, edited and contributed freely and anonymously ...

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Imperialism or (and) Capitalist Expansionism. Some Thoughts on Capitalist Power, the Nation-State and the Left

22 Sep , 2017  


This paper critically reviews some fundamental theses of the theories of imperialism. It claims that a theory of imperialism, if based on Marx’s theory of capitalism, shall on the one hand reject the traditional monopoly-capitalism approach and on the other adopt a broader definition of imperialism, denoting the (economic, ...

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