The Logic of Gilles Deleuze Basic Principles – Introduction

The main purpose of this book is to formulate the basic principles of Gilles Deleuze’s logic by means of the concepts and tools made available by contemporary logics. In particular, we consider the potential applicability of Fuzzy, intuitionistic, and many-valued logics for this purpose, in conjunction with their corresponding philosophical stances (for instance, monoletheism, dialetheism, and analetheism). Despite the fact that Deleuze wrote two books with “logic” featuring in the title, there has yet to be an extensive treatment of his philosophy of logic. We consider first one possible reason for this, namely, that it is impossible or at least counter to Deleuze’s philosophical project itself, so any attempt to conceptualize his logic using one or another formal means is doomed to fail from the start. We next note the possibility that instead Deleuze was really just critical of classical logic, and all the while he was developing some sort of non-classical logic, which has since lain deep in his thinking and so far has not been fully uncovered. Te ultimate purpose of this book is to support the more controversial claim that Deleuze was a dialetheist whose logic is best formulated using a many-valued system with truth-value “gluts.”

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